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Leonor Greyl, Petal Fresh, Mirai Clinical, Dr. Marder Skincare, Pura D'or, VK Nagrani

Part 2

HAIRCARE...still shaking your head in disbelief---or making a flip statement- .good looking hair- is always the 'correct' vote.

With swoon inducing scents-Leonor Greyl Paris lusciously rich Hair Masques have a cult following...even among the professional hair types under contract to some other brand-use this premium French company's deeply hydrating offerings. BEST BET? Tie a bow on the Masque Quintessence -a shiny rose gold translucent jar full of thick creamy deep nourishing treatment from hair healthy vitamins, indulgent Cupusçu and Manketti healing oils and aroma that hints at exotic locales -mock orange -linden...a mash-up of a truly brilliant savior for damaged dry hair. FYI- all products are free of SLS, parabens, silicone, and coal tar-musts for treated or colored locks.
How to use: Apply to dry hair-let it sink in for a minimum of ten minutes...even just once a week...notice the difference. $145
What Else: After Shampoo Color Protector and Lenore Greyl...NEW product and already our gym bag staple-detangles and protects color-loaded with rich moisturizers- no toxic ingredients to strip locks! Loaded with anti-oxidant properties of amaranth,s elected proteins (almond,soy) and vegetal  oils (Cupuaça, Babassu butters-sunflower, Indian pangamia oils)...and BONUS POINTS HERE...airless tube delivers the ingredients purely.... SO SMART. AND...scent is creamy botanical passed the BF test. Tte 5,1oz tube will last even long hair gals who frequently shampoo-multi-months. LOVE. $78
 FYI: unlike publicly traded companies-privately owned luxury brands like Lenore Greyl rarely introduce new products unless they are superb...which is why a new treatment a VERY  big deal.

---we were impressed with the new Petal Fresh Collection-naturally leaning (organic ingredients used in formulas) hair, skin/body collection soon to be available at SALLY BEAUTY-a chain that has new management at the top and imo a whole new MO ready to take on Ulta retailer of all things beauty. Petal Fresh is currently available online...priced all under $10 for generous sized shampoos, conditioners, and bath+shower gels. Reminds us of Alba Botanicals...think-paraben free and no artificial colors-and of course- cruelty free. Pictured the Petal Fresh Pure collection $8.25-$9.35-with rich nourishing natural, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants without usual harsh ingredients of similarly priced, massed distributed brands. A gift basket of these...make any gal very happy.
curious-we were-MIRAI (Japanese for "future") Clinical is a focused high end skincare collection and haircare treatment products that are def. unique to Westerners with super ingredient Astaxanthin- micro algae derived .. as well as Japanese persimmon fruit extract and anti-radical slayer green tea extract (for more-check out this detailed list). Pictured...a better than dry shampoo idea=- genius Deodorizing Hair Brush Liner with Japanese Persimmon ...slide/push on as pictured into the bristles-and brush-naturally absorbs oils/odors without the powdery mess. made of natural cotton fiber. 30 sheets-$6.00 Great for pets too. Also pictured Purifying &Deodorizing Hair Shampoo (available November 29th $35)---has the unique ingredient Japanese Persimmon fruit extract which reduces scalp and hair odors while cleansing that area of the scalp that is akin to facial skin and needs frequent cleaning. Interesting- Camellia Oil-in this formula hydrates no conditioner is needed if prefer to skip that step-especially good for thin fine hair. Eco Note: Free of drying sudsy sulfates, synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives

Psoriasisplagues scalps and can blocks hair follicles...from growing-even causing locks to fall out. Solution-over the counter-Dr Marder's Total Relief Shampoo and Condition -(patented) has 1% Hydrocortisone to treat/soothe the itch-of this condition-which affects well as providing relief for chronically dry heads with flaky dandruff -and irritating sebborheic dermatitis.
Pura D'or hair loss therapy protocol includes shampoo and conditioner-ALL free of SLS, paraben and gluten free-and these well packaged-single use Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Intense Moisturizing Masque (comes with let it soak in shower cap---8 treatments in a box $29.99- handy!!!)...intensely hydrating, with 15 DHT Blockersto prevent hair loss, revitalizing caffeine, catalase, cayenne  apple stem cells and copper tripeptideto energizes scalp, aloe vera, green tea, panthenol, retinol, and biotin-essential reparative nutrients--and moisturizing Amla and Meadowfoam oils---cuts down on the frizz-as well as smoothes over damaged-chemically over processed hair. Scent wise-barely there vanilla...good thing.

And for the weary...
VK Nagrani-sometimes it is the packaging...when it's in a re-usable leather envelope-with travel sized products for the guy on the go (or not lol). From a lifestyle brand-The Morning After Kit $95-lip balm, face splash, fizzy water help (turbulent tummies)...and under eye refresher.