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DDB Spring Market 2017 ART X DESIGN


Decoration & Design Building
979 3rd Ave (Between 58th & 59th Streets)
New York, NY 10022

SINCE every home is one's castle-we checked out the stunning offerings located in the showrooms of one of NY Design world's most celebrated destination-the Decoration & Design Building during NYC's design week...with an event theme of Art X Design..

Specifically the all day event included experts and luminaries from the vast Art industry and invited attendees to enrich their art acumen through the curated selection of esteemed resources that comprised the comprehensive Market program; 3 Keynotes, 14 In-Showroom Programs, 3 Cocktail Receptions, 2 Special Events, and 58 Open Houses. In addition, most showrooms were introducing new and exciting collections.
Textured beauties crafted by hand- inspired by a glam St. Petersburg soirée "White Nights" at Catherine's Palace-designed  by Larry Hokanson -custom sizes by Scott Group Studio-the same company that made the 'real' Oval Office rug with the signature-USA eagle-and a VERY similar one for CBS's Madam Secretary.  

Keynotes of the day included Break from Tradition: How Art of the 20th Century Shapes Design. Artistic masterpieces – from the Old Masters to Impressionists and Modernists – are no longer solely the purview of the museum exhibition or gallery walls, but rather are cherished focal points in the homes of collectors. Designing a space that seamlessly incorporates an important work, while celebrating its significance and protecting its integrity, is no easy feat, but should be highly rewarding. Town & Country Editor in Chief Stellene Volandes discussed this and more at the Donghia showroom as she moderated a panel of art and design experts, including Molly Ott-Ambler, Senior Vice President, Senior Specialist of Impressionist and Modern Art at Sotheby’s; Designer Stephen Sills, renowned for his skillful work with priceless works of art; and Sophie Matisse, artist in her own right and great-granddaughter to Henri Matisse, one of the most influential artists of all time, whose works continue to impact contemporary artists in their practice today. Each panelist shared valuable expertise and insight.  

Larry Hokanson-designer of new ELEMENTS collection and pictured  Istorri (Russian=stories)  selection

Stunning 3D texture-hand knotted+hand tuft rugs+ carpets-wool and silk-turn-around time for custom sizes is about 9 weeks...made in the USA.
The second keynote of the day was Collect Like An Expert. Luxe Interiors + Design and Fabricut engaged attendees in an informed discussion led by Luxe Editor in Chief, Pamela Jaccarino with Stas Johnson-Chyzhykov of leading art experts Artsy.comJane Borthwick, Art Advisor at Ronald Varney Partners; and Alissa Friedman, Partner at the esteemed gallery, Salon 94. Coming together from various perspectives within the art world, this group examined the difference between a brick and mortar gallery and cutting edge online art resources, providing valuable insights into the collection process. 
LLADRÓ-Spanish company hand crafts gorgeous porcelain lighting fixtures including dramatic chandelier...part of Re-Cyclos Collection by Bodo Sperlein...nature and fantasy-Magic Forest Chandelier

The third and last keynote of the day was The Art of Set Design: Creating Dramatic Interiors in Film, Theater and Television. Movies, theater and television have the ability to inspire, influence and entertain, transporting us to new worlds of luxury or evoke the realities of another place in time through the use of production design and set décor. Serving as a backdrop, set design develops the narrative, supports the characters and most importantly, provides the overall visual look and tone. The panel included Award winning Hamilton production designer David Korins, Hidden Figures production designer Wynn Thomas and Madam Secretary set decorator Sheila Bock and moderator Cathy Whitlock, Contributing Writer for The Hollywood Reporter and author of Designs on Film: A Century of Hollywood Art Direction, who went behind the scenes and lifted the veil behind film, theater and television design.

LLADRO-handmade porcelain
IN-SHOWROOM PROGRAMS- With a spark of inspiration, ignited by the Art X Design theme, the Showrooms of the D&D Building featured 14 unique In-Showroom Programs, three celebratory receptions and two interactive, art-infused Special Events. Throughout the day, audiences experienced an in-depth look at the role of Art in Design and the art of design. From tech-savvy solutions for protecting priceless pieces to navigating all levels of the art world and discovering the ins and outs of sourcing attainable art, the programs were carefully curated to provide invaluable information from the experts themselves. New collections, archival revivals, book releases, cutting edge design, and more were celebrated at the DDB’s Spring Market 2017.

A packed house turned out for a celebration of Kerry Joyce Textiles -Holland & Sherry-hosted by Elle Decor
Sculpture...nope-but as beautiful as-at new USA showroom of THG Paris...artistry for the toilette-partners with iconic  French luxury partners such as Lalique, Daum, Cristofle, Bernardaud, and Baccarat
 About the Decoration & Design Building (DDB)
Located in midtown Manhattan’s Design District, the Decoration & Design Building (DDB) is an invaluable resource to industry professionals who seek to design and decorate luxurious residential and commercial installations. The DDB is open exclusively to the Trade and welcomes design industry professionals from around the world, who can find inspiration in anything from the bespoke furnishings, ornamental wallcoverings and luxurious fabrics to unique decorative accessories and dramatic lighting, featuring styles ranging from the richly ornate to the sleek and modern. Celebrating 50+ years, the DDB is known nationally and internationally as the world’s most prestigious collection of over 130 showrooms, and represents over 3,000 leading manufacturers dedicated to the very best in residential and business interior furnishings, and resource information. The DDB is home to many global heritage brands rooted in a rich history from countries like France, Italy and the UK, to name a few.

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Faucets-worthy of a palace...
graphic-masculine bath fittings