Tuesday, January 24, 2017

HAWTHORN SUITES-At Home Comfort On The Road

Endurance Athlete Essentials: Travel

All that training for a multi-hour triathlon/marathon-can be ruined when on the road...by eating/drinking foods prepared by others. Which is why we now travel to destinations afar with our own mini-coffee pot and pick up packaged pre-race basic eats at a local grocery store. 

Unless there's a Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham in the area---as the thoroughly affordable lodging alternative allow guests to serve up their own tasty meals---made easier with Homemade@Hawthorn™- a new chef-driven in-room cooking program designed for guests to feel at-well home-when on the road. 
Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham tapped acclaimed culinary minds Chef Hari Nayak a New York-based chef, restaurateur, author and culinary consultant and Chef James Rigato (pictured) former Top Chef competitor and owner of the award-winning The Root Restaurant & Bar and Mabel Gray in Michigan to create exclusive flavor-driven recipes designed for hotel living that anyone can make, even when away from home. 

Extended stay types-think re-located workers, military personnel -have long favored Hawthorn Suites-but we think traveling athletes would really appreciate this program...with easy to cook recipes online-made from ingredients that are easy to find locally...including tasty takes on standby comfort foods. 

And if like us-even idea of cooking is too taxing-the well equipped full kitchen equipped hotel accommodations -that makes that essential caffeine hit accessible-also have free wi-fi, guest laundry, on-site business services, free hot breakfast buffet daily and evening social hours ---with select properties allowing pets and offering fitness/pool facilities...
Reservations and information are available by visiting www.hawthorn.com

Traveling with ones own coffee/espresso making apparatus just got a whole lot easier-for picky drinkers who insist on a flavorful cuppa...with several carry-on packing friendly choices is by GSI Outdoors.

What we use-
COMMUTER JAVAPRESS-$22.95 -lift up the inner sleeve part-French Press mesh-cleverly designed plunger rod...fill with coarse ground coffee to extract most flavor-and boiling water...wait a minute or two-slowly extract...leaving fresh brew in the insulated inner travel carafe. Included -spill resistant top-with snap close sip spout- securely clicks right on. Available in larger sizes too.