Friday, January 27, 2017

2BEANS -Gourmet Chocolate, ILLY Café-Heavenly Pairings

a bountiful display of gourmet chocolate bars...from around the world...
AN invite for a gourmet chocolate-wine pairing tasting-count us in!
yes-chocolate is that good...
A worthy reminder that single source and refined blends of planet earth's most fav 'food'-has caused worthy destinations-like the chic sleek Italian style coffee (ILLY) café 2Beans (Manhattan based-including convenient right near Grand Central station) offer discerning and curious customers-an outstanding assortment of chocolates from around the world-in custom confections -by the piece-or in beautiful packaged bars-to go..

Some of our favs from the session-ably led by Clay Gordon (The Chocolate Life)

on the right-the award winning organic Rococo Cardamon White Chocolate disappeared the quickest-re-think what passes for white chocolate in the USA-where by law-makers can get away with claiming chocolate chocolate with as little as 10-15% chocolate in the mix-versus high end chocolates -with deliciousness delivered closer to 70-85% chocolate content. This bar from a London based chocolate genius-contains just the right amount of the aromatic spice with buttery chocolate and cane sugar sweetness. Stunning-pair with a medium body Sauvignon Blanc or dessert wines...the thicker texture and sweetness= good balance.

other two favs...from Vietnam-Maroc Friseurs De Chocolat-76% single origin dark chocolate made from local ingredients directly sourced from local farmers and artisans...intense in a good way... and exciting blend of chocolate beans Fortissimo by François Pralus who works with dried cocoa beans from around the world. Fabulous-pair with reds like berry buttery Rioja and 
 Tip-the more bold -complex the wine is-the simpler the chocolate should be-and vice versa.

Some preferred quaffs of attendees include sparkling whites-but curiously not bread-y-yeasty French champagne-think more fruit-y-or mineral-y Prosecco and typically made Cava from Spain ... Beers -less hops intense-like pale ale or Lambics from Belgium-any imo-stout-what one can drink at room temperature.

To truly appreciate the interaction of chocolates and wines on the palate-both-take a bite/chew...and also let the chocolate piece melt in one's mouth.


2Beans-delivers -including gift subscription options of these amazing single-organ, bean-to-bar, or raw chocolate wonders.

ECO Bonus points-2Beans' Hot -Cold drink cups/lids in BPI-certified compostable cups made from NatureWorks Ingeo® biopolymer all natural plant sugars, natural brown kraft paper bags are made form 100% recycled content-for take-aways...or relax in the spacious Italian style cafés-made from sustainable materials.