Friday, November 25, 2016


Chalk Me Up, AFFENZAHN, ERGOBAGS, HydroFlask, Carolee, WRANGLER®, L.L. Bean, Energizer Bunny Slippers. The Original Muck Boot Co.

Part One

The best gifts for kids-is always time well spent together...of course-but well wrapped brightly colored objects that add some practical fun to their growing lives...always the sweet icing for them.

TOP PICK-guranteed to have adult clamoring for 'my size?!?'-Chalk Me Up T shirts-come in bright saturated colors-all cotton with a black board in a bunch of shapes...can be drawn on. Delivers with a 12 pack of chalk....brainchild of mom-preneur Shelly Henshaw....easily wipe off the backboard part...and launders ez in cold water. SMART.
adorable-AFFENZAHN Chummy Friends...made partially from recycled PET features like pull-out tongue, front mesh pocket, secret pockets, reflectors, soft should roads, height adjustable chest strap...
AFFENZAHN Chummy Friends
breathable mesh back, adjustable straps, cute animal packs come in large and small sizes

we see scores of kids going to school on the subway with oversized packs-that are really made for adults...much more suitable and better for their backs-  aimed at the primary/secondary school set-and partially made from recycled PET (plastic soda bottles)...ERGOBAGS...with big people hauler features like stabilizing aluminum frame, adjustable back, height adjustable chest strap, broad hip belt, breathable back padding, innovative drawstring to compress the weight closer to the back...

bright colors-customizable-coordinate shades or let them pick their own-My Hydro™ bottle personalization program serves up color combos and size options for HYDRO FLASKs-stainless steel water bottles, growlers etc (7 sizes to choose from). Rainbow worthy-each element-strap, cap, bottle and boot colors-yileds over 183,456 choices...(hint-matchy matchy with backpacks/outerwear or stick with school colors-if overwhelmed). "HYDRATION INSPIRATION" indeed. 

school colors...CAROLEE super affordable necklaces, bracelets, earrings-come in rich colors that allow gal fans to coordinate their team spirit-accessory wise. 

Doodle Pants toddler -baby clothing is just so darn cute...from cheery graphics and animal ear hoodies,  leggings that look like cowboy chaps or patterned in flashy animal prints...and hooded towels that make post baths an experience that emits squeals...
WRANGLER My First collections- denim for the pint-sized...overalls, jeans, jackets, cargo pants, -quality easy other styles that kids will be happy to flaunt...sizes from infants-to big boys...pretty everything we checked out tops out at $31.50...most under $15 and fab baby bib overall $32
L.L. Bean fuzzy slippers come in sweet cozy fun animal paws/faces  $19.95
L.L. BEAN...Machine wash/dry...foam insole, ankle hugging cuff, non-marking paw print  rubber sole

HAAAA..ENERGIZER BUNNY SLIPPERS.....comfy foam footbed, non-slip grips on the outsoles in adult sizes but imo-kids with bigger feet will rock least a few times. 

The Original Muck Boot Company-keeps toesies warm/dry in bright colors and oversized graphics...including Transformers™ and My Little Pony™ themed  winter tough boots.