Tuesday, May 24, 2016


 NYC-IAC Building


Hundreds  of delicious wines, liqueurs, and spirits/cordials -from 91 wineries+ several countries including Italy (mostly), France, Spain, USA (CA, WS, NY, VA), Argentina, Austria, and even Colombia and Lebanon..brought out crowds of industry insiders, restaurant owners, distributors and media...for a six hour professional tasting.

We'd say the producers and event staff -helping with the sampling of sips-got an arm workout, for sure...but -seemed very happy to be there. All that good wine...DUH.

Highlights were numerous...there are indigenous grapes (83!!!) as well as found around the world grapes -all with their own unique characteristics (terroir, weather...)...and of course, each vintner imparts knowledge and specialness onto production/blends/aging...vintages typically from 2008-2014 with most 2011+.

Pleasant surprises include-the variety of Proseccos-the sparkling Italian white wine (sometimes blended with other grapes)... affordable and VERY popular drink here in the USA...we are surprised we don't see more selections on by the glass drinks menu ...or as full bottle selections at neighborhood stores.

---A re-intro---ironically-to Californian wines-smaller labels that don't command insane prices/per...
---Reminder why French white burgundies-are a fav...
---Grappa...ready for a prime time stage on this side of the POND.

Some pictures...

soil samples=terroir-of winery

Wineries represented here-are most likely to be family owned for generations...

California based Hayes Valley
California based Kenefick Ranch

the last table---of the wines #33 Michael Corso Selections... had astounding choices of reds/whites from small French Domain vignerons...we are glad we started here!!!!

These Chassagne-Montrachets=fromMarc Colin et Fils and Guy Amiot et Fils...were all amazing

the sunlight filled side-featured aged Grappa that are ready to find favor in the USA...

Distilleria Bertagnolli (Trentino) founded in1870...

Aged Gin from Colombia