Tuesday, May 17, 2016


 After a grueling marathon-or long distance triathlon---besides a beer-there is not much we yearn for food wise...yet refueling within an hour of crossing the finish line---is a critical given for a speedy recovery.

Plus-a celebratory indulgence -earned...without breaking the bank -nutrition-wise---is almost as good as a podium finish.

Our Favs...
to say that we looovvveeee WONDERFUL Get Crackin' Pistachio Nuts is an understatement, with the original Roasted&Salted and Salt&Pepper our MUSTS. Note= snap the shells apart-makes a crack sound...and a whole pile of nuts is only 100 calories (a very satisfying portion control) ---delivering a bunch of Vitamin Bs, Protein,Manganese, Copper,  Iron and Potassium -all nutritional criticals- post race. 

water is of course an ideal hydratin' liquid---but imo fruits with high water content (some vegetables too) provide for better- longer lasting hydration  needs...HALO Tangerines...easy to peel-seedless citrus fruits- that are super juicy... hits the spot---sweet - nutritious (Vit. C, Folate, Beta-Carotene)-and certified NON-GMO.

Crunch needs pop-up on a car ride home from any race-particularly one where traffic is crawling 4 miles/35 minutes into a no way out= need to cross bridge that's been in the news... which is about the equivalent of our race pace run. Ugh. Besides appreciating the fact that this is not our everyday commute...the slow traveling allowed for easy satisfaction of a treat-via a crispy sweet that indulges without some of the chemical ingredients found in a lot of other snack indulgences... ELEMENT SNACKS glammy rice cake treats. SO SMART and each regular size cookie/rice cake is 60-80 calories. Basically it's a thin disc of a crispy rice cake- with cake like thin icing of frosting/icing-in several flavors including Dark Chocolate, Sweet Vanilla Orange (our fav), Strawberry and Cream, Milk Chocolate...and also in Dark Chocolate-Corn Cakes--- in smaller size mini cakes, 2 pack and 6 pack sizes. Very portable... this non-GMO, non corn syrup, yeast, cholesterol, preservative FREE snack really passes the kids test too...with that sweet/salty/crunchy delivered in all flavors. Bonus points here-BPA free wrapper....made in Italy. 
we actually FIRST tried these at a huge family gathering---where we knew out nut allergy nephew was going to be shut-out from the usual pistachio nut grab. TIGER NUTS are really tuber roots -aka CHUFA in Spain...and naturally nutritious too with iron,Thiamine and Manganese. What earns the 'nuts' part of the title is the size + texture...with the raw premium organic Tiger Nuts (on right) having a bit more crunch...versus the more chewy supreme peeled (on left). Taste wise...slightly nutty but also slightly cranberryish sweet-ish fruity...interesting + easily likable flavor that even finicky kids will scoop -up. A so called SUPERFOOD because they are also a source of magnesium,, potassium, some protein AND fiber---and a prebiotic fiber at that-feeds the good for you probiotic bacteria. Naturally gluten free too. BONUS: Tiger Nut Flour can be substituted for regular ole'....check out this sweet treat cake recipe.
There are plenty of snack size nutrition minded bars out on the market...but a close examination of those ingredients-has us thinking we might as well be eating that Halloween staple,  candy corn. NOT SO with Perfect Bar...because there's a high satisfying protein on board with each chewy moist bar, free of typical allergens like soy, dairy, gluten, no refined sugar (even though they are sweet), and packed with 20+Superfoods "expertly hidden" (organic too-like from papaya, kelp tomato, apple flax seed etc)...in tasty flavors that practically could double as desserts-but are way more filling than the usual Chips Ahoy grab. When our our hunger pains finally kicked in-we reached for a satisfying Carob Chip one (310 calories)...one of 9 flavors...that deliver 16 grams of protein-peanut butter, dried whole egg powder and whey powder, (and 18grams of sugar, 3.5 grams of saturated fat but no trans fats, 5 grams of dietary fiber). Hint: like Fig Newtons...def need a liquid chaser following a bite of this moist -chewy textured bar...NON-GMO all-and some other flavors are vegan. 
SIPP is the answer to a gourmand grown-ups need for a sophisticated soda-USDA Organic...refreshing-a hand made balance of layers-sourced from fruits, herbs, spices- for flavorings that are just genius! And make perfect cocktail mixers too. Lightly sweetened (organic agave syrup), and the right amount of fizzy via filtered carbonated water-SIPP earned our go to drink award-  as soon as we got back to the hotel room from the race. The refreshing flavor laden Ginger Blossom-caffeine free-was our choice-knowing ginger's soothing effect on stomach topsy turvy-ness.At 100 calories a bottle...it totally hit the spot without being cloyingly annoying sweet like regular soda, with the real vanilla- very subtle-and a good match with the aromatic natural ginger.. We def think this is the way to go for that classic liquor- gin. Glass bottles-all recyclable-are pretty classy too.  Other flavors -Zesty Orange, MoJo Berry, Lemon Flower, Summer Pear...a mixologists dream of what flavored sparkling water should taste like. Widely available now-we can see why-unique, tasty and elegant... crowd pleasing beverages -when one wants to elevate one's drinks menus for guests!