Friday, May 20, 2016

DRINKS Haulers/Solo to-Party Pleasers

Thirsty people---say hello to summer's higher temps -that bring out the need for hydration on the go---whether on a solo jaunt or the crowds all here party anywhere...there a lots of new options for drinking on the go.

FITLETIC- makers of those race belts everyone seems to use (the best) perfectly shaped portable Hydration bottles...highly reflective color paneling ...on the left-adjustable hand strap, lightweight pouch on Hydra Pocket stores essentials like keys in stretchy breathable mesh upper, side against hand-smooth soft nylon with an ez grab tab for on the go access, and leak free bottle has easy flow sprout-BPA free and dish-washer friendly...

AVEX OUTDOOR  AVEX FreeFlow and Fuse  insulated bottle in BPA-free Eastman Tritan co-polyester or rugged powder-coat finished, double-walled, vacuum-sealed Capacitor Stainless™ steel. Featuring a AUTOSEAL tech and a metal cross-bolt lockout pin to prevent leaks , glove-friendly textured grip and an easy open insulated lid....rated up to 10 hours hot/29 hours cold  (FreeFlow) and 12/34 respectively (Fuse). Bonus-some AVEX offerings-interchangeable components. Nifty

AVEX-DROPDOWN® tech=easy clean....removable parts...also designed keep dirt out, after each sip AUTOSEAL® prevents spills
YETI makes the premium hardshell coolers...and this year adds to smaller soft-shell hauler option color Field tan....for HOPPER series ( 40, 30, 20 sizes)-all-leakproof-with Yeti tech features-like water tight-leakproof Hydrolok™ zipper up top, durable puncture proof (!!!!)DRYHIDE™ shell, and COLDSHELL™ INSULATION keeps it cool ...$299.99-$399.99

available now YETI RAMBLERS series of 18/8 stainless steel, double-walled vacuum insulated bottles 18, 36 or 64 oz sizes...$39.99-$89.99

For the crowd-IGLOO's TRAILMATE™ $299;99 is the ultimate all terrain cooler has a lot of tricked out features-including...ergonomic Glide™ slide and lock telescoping handle that pulls out/in, oversized wheels, 

mobile device stand

the gray Butler tray...snaps on the handle...when not in use-it locks into the inside of the lid, on side threaded drain plug ez clean, 4 day ice retention-Ultratherm® insulted lid

one of two bottle openers

protected water resistant dry-storage box for personal electronics...above a handy pouch- stash it area... also tie down loops

rugged-stainless steel and aluminum parts resist rust