Monday, February 22, 2016

Outdoor Gear-Long Haul -Portables Part 2


Space saving, potentially life saving, practical hydration solutions for those on the go...

Some Recent OR Highlights:

PLATYPUS's collapsible Meta™ Bottle with  hard upper half...and collapsible lower half- comes with a micro-filter-for safe drinking water on the go.
Meta™ Bottle...fits into palm of hand collapsed size

outstretched hard top Meta™ Bottle comes in.75L $19.95 and 1L $21.95

compact-able lower half collapses down...

Nifty 2 part design...the Microfilter-filters up to 2L/min, easy to maintain-fast -tool free backlash, up to 1000L microfilter lifetime.  Meets all EPA and NSF guidelines for the removal of 99.9999% Bacteria and 99.9% Protozoa. Quick field integrity check...system costs $49.95 Spring 2016 delivery. Scoop water with lower half-close bottle up and drink. Easy.

the 411...

LIFESTRAW...was first straw (LifeStraw®) like portable water filter with a big social giveback component (percentage of proceeds is used to provide safe drinking water in developing world)- that we remember---this new LIFESTRAW® STEEL ez to carry stainless steel  2 stage water filter (stage 1 activated carbon capsule-replaceable +stage 2 hollow fiber membrane) removes bacteria, organic chemical matter,  and protozoa-and chlorine, odor and some types of fertilizers etc...$59.95.
Filters minimum 264 gallons of water (1000 liters). FYI-not to be used with ocean water or in areas known where there is chemical contamination-like arsenic.

Hydrapack® innovative design collapsible water bottles 
-pictured STASH™1L and 750ml...50% lighter than a hard bottle with a bail handle (that grey thing) makes it easy to carry-attach. 100% BPA and PVC free, No-Leak™ guarantee, wide mouth screw top, can be frozen or filled with warm water-larger size-1L fits most backcountry water filters...

SEEKER™ comes in 1L, 2L and 3L sizes...collapses down into size of a fist....fits into the sotrage bag-pictured below.
42mm Flow Control Cap -drinks+pour with ease 100% BPA and PVC free, can be frozen or filled with warm water, top and side fabric loops for easy attachment to pack or tree limb. No-Leak™ guarantee.
Swedish based-LIGHT MY FIRE is famous for that spoon/fork/knife combo=SPORK....bright addition includes Add-A-Twist™ containers -cylinder shape-interlocking containers-great for keeping food safe-from backpack contents. Waterproof and airtight...rugged and impact resistant, double sealed lid, floats...

Nw-and in fab bright colors-LIGHT MY FIRE's meal kits-lunch kit containers-microwavable, dish washer safe-and floats. a HOT MATTERS,COLD MATTERS, IT MATTERS mission driven....

many carry options-from classic thermos, to branded lunch boxes

FUN-Thermos Smart Lid-Connected Hydration 24oz bottle-that measures water (liquid) intake and temperature...pairs with FitBit of beverage while tracking sf monitoring daily, weekly, and monthly hydration 'progress'

Pairs via Bluetooth® Smart Wireless Technology, has up to 12 day battery life (usb socket connection on other side of lid not seen in this pic)-water intake will automatically be synced from the Thermos Smart Lid app to your FitBit account. Works with iOS 7+ devices, 75'wireless range...set goals for positive reinforcement. BPA free and impact resistant. Nifty!