Monday, February 22, 2016

Outdoor Gear For The Long Haul-Part 1


Traveling lighter and faster...for a fast moving times or---maybe to hurry up and get in line - needs durable gear and accessories for any journey-no matter where the destination.

Liquid containers/cups have been around for years (and years) -yet manufacturers still manage to innovate the designs-impressively.

Some Highlights:

VERY acclaimed for its rice cookers -ZOJIRUSHI Corporation, a Japanese company-wowed us with these vacuum insulated beverage bottle/containers-with a very unique patented flip open lid with safety lock- covers the mouth area to maintain cleanliness...pictured above-Travel Mugs 16oz-with  SlickSteel™ finish-non-stick coating 18/8 stainless steel 
12, 16, 20 oz sizes Stainless Mugs -stoppers disassemble for easy cleaning-have flip-open lid with safety lock, easy clean non-stick interior... 

ZOJIRUSHI  Stainless Steel Food Jars-vacuum insulated mugs...pre-chill or heat with water or ice...SlickSteel™ finish-non-stick coating 18/8 stainless steel interior -ez to clean, tight fitted lid w/ gasket seals and pressure release valves- minimize leaks, removable mouth ring-eating/drinking comfort+comes apart to clean better.BPA free-in cherry red and nut brown. Fairly obsessed with this company's commercial-restaurant cool.

HydroHeat™ uses quicklime-the widely used chemical calcium oxide-instead of propane, petro fuel cells or electrical means to heat....via contact with water that increases temps to approximately 190ºF-within 10-15 mins,,,full heat in 25 mins lasts over 45 minutes. HydroHeat products...large and small heat packs, flameless tumbler and flameless cooker

HydroHeat Flameless Cooker...lightweight and compact-with locking lid, airtight silicon seal, stainless steel bowl (holds food), outer container holds food bowl, heat packs and water, plastic for low heat induction-and includes neoprene sleeve for ez handling.
toss in the all-natural -water activated mineral heat pack...add the food or beverage filled bowl or tumbler on top+seal with lid.

got this hot in 3 minutes-about...!

We are so picky about coffee-we travel with a portable pot-practically from Stanley-Cook+Brew Set 32oz-steel pot and nesting coffee press. Multifunctional set brews, boils, and cook...nesting design saves space when packing and storing. Vented melt resistant nylon lid fits on pot and press for thermal efficiency, 18/8 stainless steel rust proof +naturally BPA free, NICE $25

FINALLY-a leak proof BPA free lid for beverages that go along for the car ride!!! Kleen Kanteen adds to lid choices with this must have design (June 2016 ETA). YAY-we cannot wait till this delivers.

other cap + lid options available -kids, mugs, and bottles

what else-vacuum insulated tumblers-rather sleek shapes.

cocktails for campers!