Wednesday, November 25, 2015

PRACTICAL GIFTS for PEDDLING AWAY-Bikers' Accessories+Wear

Part 1


Technical wearables = buzzy biz-but some of that is just in awe of the possible-not the practical. NOT SO with Lumenus commuter coat, vest and messenger bag-which collectively paired with an intuitive-like app-smartly lights up see me LED lights in different colors at intersections, signaling turns, at stops...etc.

took 3 years to develop...on KICKSTARTER. Jeremy Wall-Co-Founder+CEO

look like regular ole' items including messenger style backpack, performance vest/jacket and commuter jacket (sizes XS-XL)= but these smart garments+bag LIGHT UP-turn signals, brake lights,intersection lights- made for all weather wear too---for runners, bikers, with Google Maps.

Pictured-Commuter Jacket-some highlights-360º reflective collar and armband, logo pop and side reflective details and zipper,  integrated low energy Bluetooth, speed detecting, those LED lights automatically start flashing when it detects your are going through an intersection (WOW=Zero UI Intersecting Flash)-fyi the performance jacket has a hidden hood-fits helmets.

Speed detecting break lights...and fyi-select color of the LEDs you want to flash too...see the reflective back collar and arm, strips... IMPRESSIVE

a lot of functionality!

From Catalyst where "rugged protection meets style"-a fully functional waterproof case for iWatch- adventure ready-with exposed face for direct access, a slim profile, and signature rotating dial in contrast color-(or not)---with 24mm quick release NATO nylon strap. 6S/6S+ sizes now on pre-order 

Outdoor Tech makes "stuff you probably want"---including- a slew of audio products made for outdoors listening. Bluetooth - chips-pictured above-wirelessly pairs up with smartphone for on the go listening..fits into Outdoor Tech cold weather head protection...including this stretchy moisture wicking headband/liner $19.95. Wear under a helmet...or on its own. Great idea....for a gift to give -or get.

Wick-Fit and Cuffs Beanies too...chips will fit into a lot of helmet brands

NATHAN Sports major in hydration solutions...AND carrying solutions. We love this stretchy super softer-step through (slide-on) HIPSTER-a training park/belt that hits just below the waist -waistband with compartments that holds our gels, keys, iPhone 6+ (YES!!!) and lip stuff for those long bike rides...where that zip back pocket of our sleek fitting aero-wear jacket never is roomy enough for all the necessities for a long jaunt outdoors.

Available in black -for now- and size options XS-XL-this sleek and light hauler is ideal for endurance athletes...not just runners, but bikers (how we use ours) and on hikers too for hands free carrying. Breathable-moisture wicking -washable material ... it's an all weather solution.
VERY NIFTY---From Fabric-a UK company that makes MOMA designed worthy bike saddles that are made with the precision of the aerospace industry-is this revolutionary cage-less water bottle 'system' that is perfect for those competitive triathlete -bike racing types-where it's all about the 'aero' that shaves off precious secs. It mounts via slots directly to the frame -on the stem-the bottle mount studs-are very lightweight (1.5g each) -the water bottle itself is BPA free-each system includes A Fabric Waterbottle and 2 mounts to fit multiple bikes