Monday, November 30, 2015

HOLIDAY CALORIE Burn off Gift Ideas:Part 2


More than just giving those Apple watches something to and adult cycles...will survive the bored with already three week time frame-providing season-less exercise opps and -esp. in the case of the pint sized peddlers-guaranteed  super fun.

MONGOOSE BMX, Urban and all kinds of Mountain Bikes come in youth sizes
Mongoose accessories-including half and long finger gloves with hard knuckle guards and padded key palm points for spill protection+hook+loop closure at wrist for tight fit, highly durable knee +elbow pads, and skull lights-when they look so cool-kids won't mind the added safety accessories to complete the 'look'-widely available online-at Amazon, K-Mart+Walmart etc
HELMETS....mountain and BMX/Dirt bike helmets-nifty looking -kids' full face+hardshell helmets-with top, rear, side vents for cooling

KID TRAX...'toys'=so much fun---beefed up battery powered and peddle cars for kids/toddlers...with tricked out details just like the big people versions!
LED daytime running lights-working headlights, sirens, a water cannon, signal truck ready for action

rubberized traction control strips on wheels for great grip, 

dashboard-very realistic-with MP3 attachment/FM radio

water Cannon up safety cone warns adults to stay away -ha.

external battery charging port-recharges-here

Disney-collabs including Frozen model
FOR riders who can't stand the cold (or snow)...and have no storage space...

Travel Trac (we found online for sale -$99.99)-is great indoor trainer for those with space storage everyone we know who lives in an apartment....comes ready to go...straight out of the box...weighs in at 15.4lbs so even the lightweight lifters can handle this

easy to fold down...and snaps right up to provide stable training for our tri least for us at well with road bikes generally speaking...

folds down into compact ez to store- total of 8 inches in height....

put ours on a rug...for better grip-as the bottom is smooth imo-would not hold as well on a hard surface-like most (all?) indoor trainers. It's a fairly quiet ride-with magnetic resistance -a progressive resistance-really harder we peddled -higher the resistance-shifting gears on our bike...interesting to ride indoors. It comes with rear quick release skewer for proper set-up-swap out the bike's for the Travel Trac steel one-comes with tool to adjust the two bolts-hold rear wheel in place. Our workout was kind of a ride steady mindless one-though we could see doing interval training and getting our enough of a cardio workout too..3 levels of resistance. FYI---we used our front wheel riser block ---not included  but found cheaply online....

space challenged---slips right into a closet.

We don't think electric bikes with pedal power are legal in NYC----but for riding outside the five boroughs with an assist-PEDEGO has several hefty models included the pictured-upright position riding on  Comfort Cruiser...with gear assist up to 20MPH...powered by 36V 10AMP Hour Lithium battery (indicators onboard-longer life upgrades available) with Samsung cells, has top of the line SRAM disc brakes, Shimano 7 speed for ez peddling, twist+go throttle for power on demand, and big plus for pothole roads everywhere-self sealing tubes help prevent flats. Safety features too-like rear light. 9 color options...

For weekend warriors-or dedicated everyday fitness fiends-muscles can get sore...and though not a typical gift-our most coveted want it item-is this COMPEX electric stim-the latest one is wireless...akin to what pro trainers+Physical Therapists use.

Compex Wireless -is the only FDA approved wireless electric muscle stim (EMS) with 9 programs (like pre-warm-up, explosive strength, recovery, massage...)  with 5 levels of progression-$1149...also wired models available from $249-$649. Big believers in this...basically place the electrodes correctly (good for 15-20 uses and are replaceable)  to sore areas on bare, clean skin----and expect up to 600% increased blood flow, reduction of lactic acid up to 25% , release of feel better endorphins to promote relaxation, and stimulates dormant fast twitch and slow twitch muscles-and can increase vertical leap by 25%-something lose with age. Runs on a rechargeable battery.