Friday, October 30, 2015


Block heel sandals, high wedges and flats-new Spring 2016 collection priced from $210-$230


When narrowing down fav shoe Spring 2016 collections that we previewed-and there are dozens to choose from...Spanish brand's Pikolinos..focused collection of sandals-plus a few accessories- from their cooperation with the  MAASAI PROJECT...always lands on our top ten list.
premium leathers-Pikolinos-like Spanish brand ZARA-is fully vertically integrated -hence the exceptional quality and amazing prices...and attention to details-like back zips on flats---help make this beauty worthy walker-street savvy too. Style Alcudia
The hand embroidered sandal uppers-crafted by cooperatives of MAASAI dwelling women-are so wonderfully wrought...and distinctively so-we can recognize the exceptional details achieved by these Kenya and Tanzanian dwellers- anywhere we spot someone on planet earth-wearing anything featuring their beaded finery. The finished uppers are then sent to Spain for Pikolinos' finishing constructions.
heels and wedges--breathable leather lining...on left Alcudia wedge,  right Narok...not shown-matching camel bag-embroidered flap with adjustable shoulder strap to carry year round $275


Pictured...are some newer silhouettes- for Spring fab as ever...and limited quantities available...

FYI: MAJOR BONUS POINTS=over 1600 women earn a living-fair trade wages paid...from this amazing collaboration.