Tuesday, October 6, 2015

GROOVE™CUBE Shutter-Bluetooth Speaker Review-FUN!


included Groove Cube, usb cord, toggle

After a very frustrating 3+ hours trying to setup a beefed up NFC wrist band -smartphone-security system...we were in little mood for another complicated IoT kind of device ...that is supposed to make our life easier...but as billed the $14.99 Groove Cube is a whole lot of a nifty sound delivery system, very adorable, AND easy to set up-in less than a minute too. YAY.

The included USB -plugged right into our laptop-the red light indicated it was charging---took only a few minutes to fully charge-as indicated when the light goes off.

red indicator light...charging
 To turn on off-press the Push Button (one pictured on the top) a few seconds-and a female robot-y voice says it's powered on and  it's ready to pair up, via Bluetooth. It took our iPhone about 45 seconds to find the connection-which has a 32 feet connectivity reach.

user friendly instructions...
Next, we tried the speakers-a lot of sound and decent quality too-esp. for a mono speaker... and such a tiny device that is pretty much the same size as a usb charging plug...

While watching a video-we took a call by pressing the push button...we pressed again ended the call-it all worked perfectly without any drama.

top-press+hold the push button for on/off, press to Pause when music is playing, and less to answer incoming calls when device is paired with phone...press again to end call. emote shutter button-with camera picture...works when music is playing too.

Then we switched to our camera function on our iPhone...and pressed the shutter button for a picture. DONE.

Press the Push button- to turn off (hold a few secs)...and the same robot-y voice says powering off...etc.

Maybe we should stick to devices made for tweeners---lol.

Available in five bright and B/W color choices
toggle easily/securely threads through tiny hole
... the Groove Cube is a great stocking stuffer for the holidays.

Bonus-the toggle plugs right into headphone jack so won't lose it...so easily, anyway....and it is solidly constructed-def. survive dropping it a few times...

From a company called WOWWEE that probably makes a lot of cool stuff.