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ATHLETE FOODS-Packing Protein+Nutricious Nibbles -Fancy Foods Show 2015 Part 2



Even a casual shopper can't help but notice the gobs of drinkable/eatable, Greek and regular, yogurt style products in the diary or natural foods section of most retail food outlets...even notching up more fridge shelf space than sodas-at a few local, grab and go spots.


Some new offerings in that category... noticeably with less artificial sweeteners=plenty of protein, in a category with no signs of slowing down...

DAIRY FREE-Protein with Pizazz

ATHLETE FOODS-Packing Protein-Fancy Foods Show 2015 Part 1

NYC THE amazing Fancy Foods Show 2015----is a delectable gorgethon---but as athletic types who would like to sweat it out-on the lighter side --- fortunately there were many nutritious, protein delivering products-often in portion controlled-single serve packaging = convenient, portable, and ounce per ounce-good for you.

Nuts-particularly water intensive almonds (grown in California)---are on the 'it' list of nutritious musts...(right there with kale--- a later post)...our fav-easily-is the pistachio nut- grown in America too!

Nutrition wise-a satisfying serving (about half cup with shells) has 160 calories-takes a while to eat too-can't just inhale these...on board/per serving---6 grams of protein, healthy fats, iron, potassium, thiamin, minerals like manganese, magnesium, copper-and phosphorous, plus Vitamins B6, A, and calcium. No wonder the trade group, the American Pistachio Growers Association
has so many pro athlete brand ambassadors.

We wrote up man…

ATHLETE DRINKS-Fancy Food Show 2015



The last hour of the last day of the massive Fancy Food Show (Javits Convention Center)- yielded an interesting convo. It took place on a shuttle bus from the Javits Convention Center ---with a late 50s- 60 something woman who was in  charge of wholesale food/beverage purchases for a large mainstream and smaller upscale chain of stores in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast regions...which had her and her team- walking the aisles of the show, sampling away. Physically, she reminded us of a gal at our gym---who explained to us her 30-35+ 'extra' pounds-at a rate of 2lb/year after having kids...

SO---surprise surprise, when we asked her what was the one thing she ate/drank herself-that might surprise people - her answer...."I've been eating exclusively gluten free, non-GMO, organic the past two weeks and have noticed a huge difference in how I feel and the superior qualities and tastes of the foods.

This Boomer group gal was initially inspired by a friend with food …