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ULTRASHAPE®-by Syneron® Medical LAUNCH with Larsa Pippens

NEW BODY SHAPING TECHNOLOGY -Painless, Non-Invasive, Effective


When we first received an invite to attend a media launch of Syneron-Candela®'s latest FDA approved fat reducing machine (for the mid-section-waist) with it's really painless testimony by new brand ambassador Larsa Pippens---we thought two things immediately:

1) Syneron Medical Ltd.-parent company--- is a well approved/appreciated/respected/innovative company chaired by the brilliant Shimon Eckhouse, PhD (who got scores of gals/guys hair-lesser via his ground-breaking invention/patented-IPL technology -another reason to I Love the 90's)---so not for a sec did we doubt the patented Ultrashape's ability to non-invasive-ly reduce fat on tummies (aka abdominal circumference reduction -on average 3.3-6.3 cm on 900 patients studied-with 3 treatment protocol in clinical studies)...


2) Pain is a relative concept-and Larsa Pippens---having given birth to four children (with husband NBA icon Scottie Pippens)...just might have a higher threshold than other humans.

SYNERON Chairman Shimon Eckhouse, PhD and Larsa Pippen

SO although we were game for a permanent fat-melting complimentary treatment at the sparkling immaculate Skinfluence™ NYC Park Avenue offices by Marina I. Peredo, MD-before we wrote up  this breakthrough technology ...we have pretty much zilch waist subcutaneous fat -and thus not eligible (could be worse ha ha)...

SO-we'll just have to go by Mrs. Pippen's words-that were simply, refreshingly non-rehearsed at the launch on May 6th-where she gushed about how pain-free and easy it was to lose inch around her waist---PERMANENTLY-in a body locale not exercised away, in her case. Requiring only about an hour/treatment.

Pulsed Focus Ultrasound waves-that non-mechanically targets selective fat cells...and that also means off-label areas (inner/outer thighs, men's flanks/chests aka psuedo-gynecomastia...)---then the natural fat clearance process-kicks in.

IDEAL CANDIDATES: normal weight-ish-well toned individuals with excess stubborn fat that does not respond to exercise/diet---humans ideal for the old-school liposuction too but that's an invasive procedure (that means there's an ouch factor, it's surgery and there's downtime)- which these days- seems as relevant/appealing as Windows 95.

TREATMENTS/COSTS-anywhere from 1-3 treatments are recommended-cost wise-we were told around $800-$1500 per.

Leading Miami, Florida based Dermatologist Leslie Baumann, MD also enthusiastically gave the metaphoric two thumbs up for Ultrashape™ at the event and also generously remarked on the extensive research and testing that Syneron does on all of its technology.


Velashape® III also a FDA-cleared device- approved for contouring shaping and slimming- got media intro-ed -as explained by NYC based Anna Chappas, MD--- it's a contouring procedure targeting areas with cellulite (thighs, abdomen, upper arms,etc)-via a four prong approach= including Bi-Polar RF (Radio Frequency), IR LED (infrared) and mechanical manipulation-(looked like combo of massage slight vacuum skin suction---and also looked comfy too).

Velashape®III is not a permanent treatment-the stimulating collagen treatment does not go as deep into the layers of the dermis as Ultrashape™-but with tightening/cellulite/potential fat reducing results usually appearing after 1-5 treatments and then requiring 6 months follow-up to maintain results.

Leslie Baumann, MD, Larsa Pippen, Anna Chappas, MD
FYI: Velashape® somewhat reminded us of Thermage...a Radio Frequency tightening procedure that is not pain-free but tolerable, IMO.

FYI: Dr. Baumann often recommends both the Ultrashape and Velashape procedures during the same appointment-and commented how uneven old technology liposuction procedures can often be corrected-smoothed out with this new technology. WIN-WIN.

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