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#SNACKATTACK Part 2: Editor Showcase New Snacks 2015


SNACK TRENDS develop with the times-just like every other consumer industry. Similar to products written up in Part One... new takes on the classics-so-to-speak...single serve sizes..and Made in the USA -a few dominant themes.

New Fun Flavors: 

 California Almonds® reps growers of this "IT" superfood-disease bustin'...believe ounce of almonds (23-a handful, a shot glass, or spread lovingly over a smartphone---good measuring as a 1/4 cupful) =6g protein, 4 g fiber, the good kind of fat-monounsaturated fats 9g, vitamin e, potassium, calcium, magnesium, riboflavin, niacin, phosphorous, and iron

Graham crackers from Honey Maid- Nabisco come in these adorable Teddy Grahams shapes for awhile now (since 1988)...and the new launch flavor is Birthday Cake...cute cute cute...comes with sprinkles...and same NO high fructose corn syrup- 8 grams whole grams/30 gram serving $3.19/10oz box. We know people who dip Teddy Grahams in peanut butter as a snack. IMO good idea.

Very rich tasting and creamy texture-we were impressed with our sample...THUS for everyone-not just the lactose intolerant-dairy sensitive...Lactaid's new Salted Caramel Chip and Berry Chocolate Crumble Ice Creams...joins the available staples of vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, and cookies and creams.  $4.99 one quart-widely available
we're sure there's a Harvard Business School case study- or something like it- on the ginormous success of Chobani® Greek Yogurt- that snapped up market share for this category. Expanding on options- snack versions-the creamy yogurt and crunchy additions=new CHOBANI FLIP™  options include pictured top to bottom-Coffee Bean Bliss with biscotti pieces and chocolate, Strawberry Summer Crisp-graham crackers and chocolate bits, Peanut Butter Dream with honey roasted peanuts, peanut butter clusters, and milk chocolate -all in yogurt's that is 1.5% milk fat, Curious-calorie wise 190-210...per serving...which is this container size. 
crunchy, salty, sweet -no wonder pretzels with a twist are so popular. Pretzel Perfection gourmet pretzel confections-gluten free Twists- Raspberry Truffle.. can be had at TARGET and other stores -including- WaWa, Whole Foods, Hannafords...
Holiday options Eggnog an Peppermint Clusters...nice packaging here too---but there are available year round flavors like the Sea Salt and Caramel Clusters-the delicious chewy-ish gluten free ...

Very 4th of July ---Entenmann's sprinkles up it's chocolate iced PATRIOTIC donuts - limited edition red, white and blue sprinkles. BTW for National Donut Day-Entenmann's (June 5th) has partnered with the Salvation Army-for every sweepstakes entry-$1 donated... (till 11:59PM July 3rd, 2015)

Surprised this didn't happen sooner ---7-Eleven's private label=7-SELECT™ snack foods.
Nicely packaged too---kudos to graphic design team.
7-SELECT---makes a slew of GO!Yum products--- premium ice creams, premium chocolates, sprouted corn tortilla chips, GO!YumSmart and pictured 7-SELECT™ GO!YUM premium popcorns-no preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, cholesterol or trans fat.
7-Select™ jumbo peanut snack packs-extra large Virginia peanuts with bold seasonings...we tried the wasabi soy flavored Jumbo Peanuts-just the right level of hotness.
Smaller pre-packaged portions of sweets:

Single Serve or two....

No exhibitor put forth the argument of totally healthy nutrition for sweets- here...but the smaller packaging underscores reality= that many nibblers need help with the portion control...PLUS---more convenient anyway....and fits in with the heritage-nostalgia theme...
new to us in NY-Mrs.Freshley's® 'Make Life Sweeter'-portioned controlled products-including the not pictured & Grain cookies with 12g whole grain/serving. FYI in total there are over 50 snack offerings all trans fat free ....including Cinnamon Mini-Donuts pictured above
Cinnabon aroma beckons people at airport terminals and food courts everywhere..pictured Cinnabon Cinnamon Twirls

A snack fav since 1914 (!) Tastykake offers minis of its classics: pictured above Mini Swirly Cupcakes made with Hershey's Cocoa
Mini Peanut Butter Swirly Cupcakes, made with Reese's Brand Peanut Butter

Sara Lee® Snacks ---timely idea---now packing  portion controlled- sweets. Options-the LIMITED EDITION Devil's Food Chocolate Cakes, Chocolate Chip Cakes-fusion brownie chocolate chip cookie (not pictured) and Chocolate Crème Cupcakes with white creamy filling (each $3.99 for seven individually wrapped snacks)

from -Entenmann's-LITTLE BITE SNACKS tiny muffins so adorbs... in easy to ...with 5 tiny muffins/pouch in helpful calorie count-190-200 per serving. 

not shown-but these tasty and very satisfying NO MOO dairy free cookies come individually wrapped. With butter not an option for certain people with dietary restrictions (includes Kosher meals)...these very chewy flavorable cookies are also trans fat free-made from known ingredients like King Arthur Flour, Callebaut Belgian Chocolate, and Omega 3 rich Earth Balance Spread. Love the names of the products too...Almond Oy, Big Chipper, Flyin' Hawaiian, etc and Ginger Slap-our fav-with a rich molasses flavor-crystallized ginger. YUMMY.
Bonus points here-a nut-free assortment available 12 cookies/$19.95

 Calorie Controlled Portions:
Without feeling deprived...
very popular where we live...Simply 100 Chobani Greek Yogurt...less sugar than rivals too. 
crispy delicious-like crunchy hard pretzel sticks fused with a  baked cracker texture-at 100 calories/1oz serving-our sample of Pretzel Perfection Twice Baked Pretzel Sticks in authentic tasting Tomato Basil -went quickly-of course-and barely made subway ride home ---that good...3oz/$3.99---

These Norwegian style mild, creamy semi-soft cheeses- Jalsberg Minis (.99 apiece) should be as available at cash registers as those impulse candy buys-imo. Similar to the regular sized versions-packaged inside a waxy protective coating- Jalsberg Lite Minis (50 calories) and regular Jalsberg Minis are naturally lactose and gluten free...with 7- 5 grams of protein, respectively. $4.99/5 count bag. Easy to find in grocery stores...we'd like to see at service stations convenience stores too-nice healthier snack. 

 USDA ORGANIC STONEGROUND CRISPS contains only 3 ingredients-all grown in the USA...non-GMO, 4g protein/3g fiber per 1oz serving. Crunchy, and as tasty as processed cereals without all that other stuff. Frankly, we eat so called breakfast foods all day---esp. as snacks...this offering by Back To The Roots™ has just right amount of sweet (organic cane sugar) and salt (sea salt). Other ingredient is 100% organic stoneground wheat.
similar to the crisps----Organic Stoneground Flakes in a no bag in the box cereal -easy pour and uses 25% less material. $4.99. Not pictured Breakfast Toppers  $5.99-three flavorable options-to toss on cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream etc. A growing food category.

Organic Mushroom Mini Farm $19.99
These are not snacks ---but LOVE as gifts...available online and at Target.

Garden In A Can $11.99-$23.99
BOULDER CANYON FOODS  uses the multi-tasking coconut oil for its Vegan Coconut Oil Kettle Chips- Sea Salt...tastes like any great potato chip=GREAT. (130 calories/1oz serving) Bag 5.25 oz
BOULDER Canyon-snack foods including popcorns...are gluten-free, non-GMO, no trans fat or cholesterol,and Kosher. Other healthier for you oils used-Avocado and Olive Oil.Based in where else, Boulder Colorado...the company -like several with it businesses, also implements its eco values -offsetting its energy usage at company headquarters and using  packaging that meets the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®-signifying wood/paper used from a sustainable source. WIDELY AVAILABLE-including $30s/12 pack depending on what...

ALSO Biena Chickpea snacks Fusion Jerky (see PART 1))

 HAAAAA....Definitely Not Made In The USA:
HEMP HEART BITES had a sample-tasty but def distinct crumbly chewy texture...not that sweet...and very healthy-10g protein impressive-serving-about 8 pieces for a snack. $6.99
HEMP is not legally grown in the USA yet---it is a source for products sold here-rope, fabric and food...naturally embedded with Omegas 6 and 3 including the 'rare' Gamma Linolenic (GLA) and Stearodonic Acid (SDA)...for a serious dose of healthy fats.
From Manitioba Harvest-USDA Certified Organic, and non-GMO...the seeds kinda taste like pine nuts...def. sprinkle worthy or use in salads, or instead of bread crumbs, or incorporate into baked goods.

5 Hour Energy® Shots-  Limited Edition Cherry Flavor-with proceeds benefiting the Special Forces Warrior Foundation (SOWF).
Available in stores-and online at:
image from the 5-Hour Energy website....