Thursday, June 11, 2015

H BY HALSTON-QVC Fall 2015 Preview


Media Preview -Fashion Director - Cameron Silver Winning Soon To Debut Collection + On-Air Personality

Cameron Silver-Fashion Director-H by Halston-QVC and on-air personalty. We had a nice chat-he is a perfect blend of LA friendly-laid back-and east coast sharp-smarts...loved his idea for a live audience for QVC when this fab collection 'drops'---fyi---accessible by public transportation for Big Apple dwellers. The realistic looking faux suede trench-like dress is completely washable and therefore red wine friendly---a classic. Also comes in black...pictured below...

Colors -mostly solids-cobalt blue, black, shades of gray, pretty apricot, pale grayish-lilac-beige, and brown-flatter all skin tones

A serendipitous meeting of the minds (planets???) between XCEL Partners-owner of H Halston, QVC and the retail hero Cameron Silver -the leading light of vintage fashion's version of the Emerald City, the left coast based-Decades---eventually led to a well staged preview of just some of the reported 128 (+) SKUs  of the VERY finely done H by Halson-QVC collection.

Set to launch in September 2015 (26th)...we were super impressed -including the authentic references to the fashion icon Halston's brilliant interpretation of American Sportswear chic (AND NO THIS IS NOT ATHLEISURE).
we had a real Liza M. moment when we say this sheer chiffon-y tunic...such a versatile top! To layer-or for more daring types-just wear over sexy lingerie
What's to Love: Knits, Caftans, sheer tunics, flattering jumpsuits...tailored but not tight, a genius faux suede dress (washable-wow) faux leather jackets and blouses ready to work...all well made, of quality materials at prices that will entice (surprise) customers from coast to coast-including those that wore Halston on the first go round-and the next 16 year old celeb who has yet to make her autumnal 2015 splash on social media.

on left-we'd wear the knit with banded hem and slight roll neck-with leggings and booties...on the right-the flattering flow of the skirt and cowl neck l/s top---so spot-on chic-and flattering

Capes...are a popular 2015 retro-style -like the kangeroo pocket in lower front-and the cowl neck. We wear this on a long airplane ride with comfy leggings- and emerge looking pulled together from the neck down, anyway.

faux fur dresses up a wrap knit sweater...

a well connected attendee-she looks flawless-a breathing version of what to wear in a H by Halston -QVC jumpsuit...not on sale yet!

Added Plus: We cover a lot of footwear-and felt that the selections preview managed to capture Fall 2015 trends well-including block heels, stacked platforms, suede uppers, peep toe dressy sandals to wear with hosiery, and white foxing pops on slip-ons-lifestyle riffed sneakers.
well done mix of upper textures...smooth and snake print in gray that's the new black-plus stretchy elasticized side band for easy on/off
brown ---a 70's staple tone-used in several styles

another great as easy to wear as a sneaker- shoe-with mule shape, color block grays-nice functional zip with a  detail -'H' embossed-shows the kind of attention paid to every itty bit

perfect classic pump
Since fashion is having a 70s moment-anyway---handbags included semi-structured bucket bags with drawstring closures, subtle 'H' logos in hardware----

...and a love it want it...belt with a bold amorphous silver hardware buckle that reminded us of the fab Elsa Perreti designs for Tiffany's.

 CODA: Noticeable--- every accessory/footwear-pairs up well with the fashionable separates...and  no doubt-with wardrobes already owned

a slip-on-cut-outs with the comfort of a slipper---bumped up with banded uppers lets one wear out in the real world
 Priced-low $30s-up to mid $300s for all leather handbags QVC