Monday, June 15, 2015



For that dad who trains for 'races' anything- where a time clock counts the secs...triathlons, obstacle races, road -off-road jaunts...chances are he's got his brain cells on speed dial when it comes to nutrition that gets him across the finish line, faster-or enables him to do just one more rep.

IDEA: A gift basket packed with healthy, vetted goodies-for guys (or gals) on the go ...

Supplements that consist of what they claim-look for the verifiable USDA Organic label-what we drink down after a mega hours workout for long distance stuff---a surprisingly tasty berry just shake it with water...combo of fav label NovaScotia™Organics Berry Slim and Pre&Pro-Biotics Formula.. Other products from the Canadian based company-included dried organic fruit in snack sized packets...Also pictured - a packet of Appethyl™ we toss in for the Thylakaoids + micro-nutrients from spinach...the prime ingredient.
It's tough to get enough Vitamin D these indoor working days- and the recommended amounts for athletes is higher than for the general population.

Tasty options of this critical performance vitamin- instead of the usual capsules -the really fantastic tasting ADORA chocolate discs...with calcium and 500 IU of Vitamin D3 (absorb-able too-with or without food), and manganese embedded. Made with rich dark chocolate (our fav) from Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa-NO GMOs and 30 calories/apiece.
hard to have just one-that good.30 packets/bag widely available online including always a discount- VitaCost $8.39
Actually, we pop 2 of them a day...and it hits our sweet spot too WIN WIN.

YOUTHEORY™ by Nutrawise™ 
YOUTHEORY™ sources its ingredients carefully-we had quite the chat with the Prez-pictured below. 

...has an entire targeted line of supplements for Men including REVIVE-made with a proprietary blend of known health enhancing ingredients-green and black tea extracts, and aloe vera-in tandem with-thought this interesting-antioxidants from pomegranate from that sold everywhere juice maker- POM Wonderful's "POMx" anti-oxidant extract.

Another recovery supplement we actually take faithfully-- Tumeric Advanced-made with the anti-inflammatory-multi-tasking 95% curcuminoids -enhanced bio-availability with the patented black pepper extract -something we see in other high end (and higher priced) brands' DIM- a supplement recommended by physicians from all sorts of specialties-that we have interviewed over the years. Widely available online...

Pistachios are pretty much the only gift the men in our family agree on-THE BEST. In 100 calorie snack packs or by the bag-WONDERFUL PISTACHIOS-Get Crackin' FYI-packed with healthy nutrients-protein, the good kind of unsaturated fats, vitamins E and B complex and minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, iron+manganese---and reportedly terrific anti-agers like other tree nuts-but waaayyyy more fun to eat and TASTY,

IDEA: Compression/sports socks

There are dress socks-and then there are foot coverings-aka pieces of performance equipment uniquely made-and specifically targeting sports lovers.

Graduate compression socks are uniquely woven with specific materials-performance yarns- to reduce fatigue, promote the muscles to a faster recovery, and help improve circulation (why diabetics were them too!!!)

At most races we do---Ironman, marathons, endurance type of events-at least- 50% of the participants wear-at some point before, during or after the competitions.

New to the market...
CHAMPION CSX SOCKS: Graduated Compression SPORT Socks---from the maker of medically therapeutic sport braces- support...
visually see this zones that are targeting-including 'v' guard shin protection, seamless toe box so no chafing, top band that self adjust -no constriction (important), Achilles tendon protection, arch support bands, calf cradle, moisture wicking/anti-odor fact-we are wearing a pair of these right now as we type away---and we wear all the time- under jeans in walk everywhere NYC-just as much as post triathlon. As our colleagues exclaim when they first put on a pair-a revelation
$49.99-picutred moderate compression as measured in  15-2o mmHgs. here-see the calf support, and no slip heel.
different levels of compression-the FIRM ($59.99) is for recovery (20-30mmHgs), the moderate-is good for during activities...
Ultra marathoners---and yoga enthusiasts-what we would call mindful "practices" would love the individual toe construction of INJINJI socks...THE original maker of these unique performance style foot coverings.

COOL GIFT---A FATHER'S DAY BUNDLE...$50-for five pairs...


CODA: some dads rock socks with performance sandals made for land/water-we say-get Injinji...looks soooo much hipper.
taken on AMTRAK---ok...opinion ...gonna wear socks-make them cool---and performance socks-like Injinjis-last longer too. In reality...this khakis/sandals/dress socks look- kinda dorky but we get the practicality/comfort