Tuesday, May 12, 2015

UNITED NUDE+3D SYSTEMS: Rem D Koolhaus Hosts #RE-INVENTINGSHOES Collaborations

25 Bond Street/NYC

United Nude footwear is cutting edge everything-the materials, styles, manufacturing/production, the starchitect 'collabs - ALL SO immensely conceptually intriguing---

No wonder the #RE-INVENTINGSHOES gets used (often+also) for this limited edition of fabulousness... the footwear brand and its creative light Rem D. Koolhaus could probably have registered/ trademarked this expression.

On exhibit NOW-in the Noho NYC store-the latest very limited edition of five styles by design icons Ben Van Berkel, Zaha Hadid, Ross Lovegrove, Fernando Romero and Michael Young.

Actually we were told currently-only three pairs per style at the moment...but it is anticipated that 50 per style-each taking 24 hours to 3D print using "...the highest quality...Selective Laser Sintering...in  a hard nylon and an all new soft rubber material" are set to retail for serious $.

The results ---pushing the boundaries indeed---no doubt destined for art collections worldwide.
AMMONITE Fernando Romero for United Nude

FLAMES-Zaha Hadid for United Nude

We took  360º images of these Ilabo: Ross Lovegrove for United Nude...and via Instagram-heard from Arturo Tedeschi Design who did the computational design services for them!

Young Shoes Michael Young for United Nude
Rem D. Koolhaus-really a design legend ...we would not be surprised to see him guest lecture at packed Consumer Electronic Tradeshow Las Vegas---like other design icons...back-and below-UNX2 Ben Van Berkel for United Nude

UNX2 Ben Van Berkel for United Nude
What else...

Injection+Rotation moulding made-collab with Zaha Hadid---$2000 Nova Shoe in silver, black, rose gold (r-l) numbered limited editions-100 per color...hardly any left (DUH). Incredible...chrome vinyl upper, leather lining, rubber outsole

A printer at work...3D Printer by CubePro Duo/Cubify.Can buy the file for .United Nude's Float and Coral Shoes to use with their printers now $35 (a new fashion/accessories distribution model we see more and more of)...WOW