Thursday, May 28, 2015

OLIBERTÉ-Made in Africa Footwear/Accessories-M/W 2015


It is interesting/curious the hundreds of how to engage/entice millennial pitches---when imo- anyone with a heartbeat would support a well made product made by a company with a good world citizen mission statement...and in the case of the growing Oliberté...products of top notch distinctive footwear and haulers...crafted in Ethiopia- non-toxic methods- using mostly African sourced materials.

Point being-no need for hard sale here...and Fall/Winter 2015 selections we previewed continue the small label tradition of super-ness. The workmanship/materials REALLY stand out.


Vegetable dyed leathers have unique qualities---lovely almost faded in the sun tone----NICE!

women's light brushed wax-Takami

Rhada slight wedge-cute walkable feminine height---dark grey brush wax...and black nubuck

Volita-has that versatile bootie cut-slight, nubuck, antique brown


rustic brown Ngola pullup-has that hiker urban hybrid slim enough profile to wear with a lot of wardrobe options
slim not clunky
treaded rubber outsoles-grip and endure
chukka style-see the hand stitched details...

Narivo-also in dark grey nubuck  versatile everyday shoe...

dark grey nubuck suede-in several men's styles...

nubuck suede-chukkas-Adibo left two, Mogado Hi right two

back leather heel detail...

Manilo-with hand wrought- punched out details-handsome oxford

lifestyle sneaker vibe-Kavango in antique brown nubuck, dark grey nubuck...hand stitched and punch out details...make this tad dressier than Chucks...very hip too

Kobio light grey brushed wax
Yezu-rustic brown pullup
Krabu-rustic brown pullup
Our true obsession is with OLIBETÉ-handbags, backpacks, totes and duffels...just stunning
Krabu dark grey brushed wax

Eco bonus points- all natural waterproofing less harmful chemicals and petroleum-have the wears forever