Saturday, May 23, 2015

As Seen on 64th FL. 1WTC In Memory of the Victims of 9/11

 Tyranny is old, cruelty is ancient, stupidity is immortal,
Liberty, Honor, Dignity and Self-Control are all new in the history of man.
We have been assaulted and overcome; Thousands of times all hope has
almost been lost in the universal chaos of blood, fear, ruin and oppression,

But we cannot die, for man has seen and heard these ideals before and no man will completely abandon that which has once saved him and made him
respect himself.

Perhaps the ruin will come, the death, and the despair, but out of it, out of the
fury and darkness where the terrible struggle has taken place, will come
the final liberation, the final faith, the final true democracy,

The Final Peace for all Man

In memory of the victims of 9/11/01

-Steve Cavazzi


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