Monday, February 2, 2015


even overcast days demand wearing sunscreen---plus snow reflects sunlight-- just like a day at the beach-so unless you are head to toe furry or under a blanket like this horse---need to wear sunscreen 

 Lumixyl MoistureLock Sunscreen SPF 30 BLUSH ON BLOCKSPARKLE

By now-most of those who even bother with New Year's resolutions-have opted out---

Inversely-when it comes to skin care---the aim is to keep/get back the old you-pre-sun damage---not aim for the new one---that already shows signs of aging-and environmental damage...

When it comes to sunblocks for the neck up-imo--physical sunblocks made from natural mineral origins are the most effective, long lasting-and made from ingredients that don't irritate-burn our face. 

Especially for outdoor endurance endeavors-those BB/CC creams just are not enough to prevent sunburn…and chemical sunscreens don't seem to last as long. 


Recent backcountry jaunts in sunny Utah= ideal times to test out the multi-tasking Lumixyl MoistureLock Sunscreen SPF 30 by ENVY MEDICAL.  

Slathering it on-about 2 tsps worth of the-the whitish creamy texture---the lotion blended in well -(hint-let it soak in for about a minute)…

NOT that we cared look-wise-what we looked like BUT---made of a proprietary blend of UVA-UVB full spectrum blocking- from micronized Titanium Dioxide---it really left no color trace--- and will probably leave no chalkiness-as billed ---on darker skin tones. 

Importantly-from what we have read-micronized titanium dioxide does not penetrate beyond the upper layers of the skin-meaning it offers full spectrum protection without sinking into the body. A good thing.

Feeling wise- Lumixyl MoistureLock Sunscreen SPF 30. has good skin feel---and is silky moisturizing ----not greasy at all-a big plus when it comes to dry air----and doubled as a primer-underneath  our foundation---as tested the next day.

The second layer of protection found in Lumiblock comes from a ground breaking component known as SymHelios™ 1031, (we go to enough cosmetic trade shows to know this ingredient  is from a very well respected company)...which works by inhibiting penetration of UVB-mediated toxins into skin cells, thus preventing degradation of elastin and collagen.

Lastly, scent-wise-it was barely noticeable…a good thing as fragrances of even unscented products (add fragrances neutralize the scent) -tend to irritate our skin…vs fragrance free products. 

The 2 fluid oz tube---would probably last us a few weeks---with methodical re-applications about every 2 hours when outdoors-and retails online (what we found)-$46.40-$48.

Another new to the market-relatively speaking-mineral sunscreen we tried and adore---is well packaged with an easy applicator brush-..non-irritating - aptly named BLUSH ON BLOCK. ($30)

Made from the double whammy effective  UVA+UVB full spectrum blocking Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide- the finely ground powder brushes on like a fine cosmetic powder…and has other good for skin ingredients like green tea extract and moisturizing jojoba oil.

Note-the powder gets rid of shine- but also went on our fair skin, neutrally--so guys/kids can use it too---and ECO BONUS POINTS-it's re-fillable - sold separately $16.

HINT-to get the powder to flow through the brush-if it doesn't come through with a few shakes... unscrew the the bottom part (how you add the re-fillable powder)…and kinda unclog the opening from settled powder…we did that 1x and had no problem afterwards.

Kudos for delivering a way to simply re-apply full spectrum sunblock without messing up our makeup-(developed by make-up artist, Susan Posnick- fyi)-something  a lotion/spray sunscreen will do…and that is something especially important to us- as a day indoors- under certain kinds of  lightbulbs-something that happens when we cover tradeshows---we think- can be as skin damaging as a day on the beach--anecdotal experience. 

Assuming that future skin care studies will test this beyond what we have read already  more of a reason to always wear sunscreen…!

brush hidden when the plastic cover is pulled up

A few years back-at the Natural East tradeshow-a new trend of collagen-vitamin infused dissolvable powders-aimed out revving up skin texture-caught our eyeballs-as we are big believers in you are what you eat.
SPARKLE-skin targeted goodness-easily blends in water-or smoothies-30 day supply-$38.50. We needed about this much water 2oz-dissolve one scoop.

 Pricey---the collagen infused powders that mixed with water-back then-were high in calories and tasted awful. 

SO the new Sparkle powder-that mixes easily with water, is low in calories…and... as seen below-is packed with VERISOL® Collagen peptides (improves skin elasticity), Vitamin C (anti-radical scavenging-wrinkle busting vitamin) and moisturizing skin plumping in a good way- hyaluronic acid… intrigued.
YAY-Sparkle actually is a lot easier on the palate-with that tangy orangey taste (Tang-ish)…with a very faint protein undertone.

We don't drink smoothies---but Sparkle could be added -for those that do. Also-we believe it is better to 'eat' one's nutrients-versus a capsuled supplement that we always wonder-how easily absorbed by the body- the beneficial ingredients are.

one tub=30 day supply and comes with the 1x day sized scoop. we poured ours into a glass jar…with airtight lid-fits better in our cramped kitchen shelves. Available online AMAZON