Saturday, February 7, 2015




Design tweaks are smart updates to performance wear----even the retro look finds favor- but it's the new school tricked out fabrics and textile treatments that offer lighter, more comfy, easier care and more efficient climate management - rendering garment/gears from a few years back---JUST so old.


Schoeller-a Euro company has always embraced the greener way to offer cutting edge functionalities ---notably in its water repelling/mud-breathable ECOREPEL® finish that's fluorocarbon free, wash permanent (not true of some competitors, fyi---esp. after laundering), and highly resistant to abrasion-that apparel pieces for active types- get subjected to.

Bluesign® certified schoeller naturetec -moisture efficient-heat retention in wool tweed print…uses muesling-free merino wool
New---thought these featherweight-silky feeling wool blends+textiles with Schoeller techy treatments---available in wonderful prints and plaids-bumped up textiles-something we expect to see in a slew of 2016 fashion clothing lines.
prints on polyester blends- knitted +polyamide fabrics-in solids and blurred floral prints--plus wool blends w/schoeller WB-400- supersoft and some are wind/waterproofed w/ c_change™ climate membrane. 

Primaloft® continues its march on re-branding and major performance synthetic+ introductions…with its fibers uniquely (microscopically) Vulcan mind-melted with fabric, fleece, performance yarn or Responsible Down Standard-traceble sourced duck/geese down  -in Gold+Silver-and now Black Series-
Primaloft®  fibers finely spun into yarn-fabrics and fleece that are insulating, move with the wearer,  lightweight, fast drying

Enthusiastically scooped up by outdoor and fashion brands…for warmth- even when wet-warmth, and year round necessary-moisture wicking comfort…and faster drying times---imo key in keeping warm…even some strictly only fashionista types we know-know Primaloft®

personally fans of Primaloft®'s synthetic insulation-warmth without bulk, packable, moisture management, superior softness…pictured Patagonia-one of many brands using Primaloft® ...

Gold Series

Black Series-includes Black Insulation Eco +Black Insulation Hi-Loft-from post consumer recycled materials=delivers warmth without the bulk-yet maintains a puffy look -moisture repelling, durable, breathable, and packable.

Sherpa's-hand knit Kritipur Wool Sweater with Primaloft® One inside…

 New Silver Insulation Active--engineered to deliver warmth+breathability for high heart beating activities---migration resistant---welcome addition, no doubt-to running jackets aimed for year round athletes.
BY Adidas-love this Primaloft® Gold insulated lace-up boot with Traxion™ grippy outsole.

3 layer Gore-Tex® waterproof-windproof breathable fabric with the new C-Knit™ backer technology-is not pictured-but trust us-we def. felt the difference-in the sample jackets that were on display-using this construction-a fine nylon circular knit fabric and a lamination procedure---inside---

The feel-is noticeable softer---lighter-and to the touch-it is obvi-would make users less clammy…i.e.. more breathable-moisture wicking…especially in high-output endeavors…and accordingly-is described as in between the  premium weather impervious  Gore-Tex Pro-and highly breathable Gore-Tex Active.

 No wonder-a bunch of brands showed off tGore® C-Knit™ Backer Technology in Fall 2015 collections-including a cult fav-Dynafit-which imo---wowed with its outerwear pieces we saw.
on left Yotei 3 layer waterproof outfit hasGore® C-Knit™ Backer Technology