Wednesday, February 4, 2015



DURABLE "CHAMBRAY" +CORDURA®-Naurelle™ HELPS Power Reebok CrossFit 2015

Spending lots of time in  our native city---that is also considered one of the world's sophisticated fashion capitals---we always felt that urban outdoors-fashion function phenom was never a new concept ever -just an ignored one.

Like the map showing who voted for Obama in the 2012 election---tiny bits of blue and large swaths of red…BUT surprise (okay maybe only to some pollsters)-it's where most people live-in those tiny bits.

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Why not attire them?

After all it takes going outside to get to all that mass transit---something most city dwellers here do-let alone being outdoors- pursuing athletic and leisure endeavors ---or going somewhere else to experience the open skies.

Outdoors stuff sells differently-versus clothes for strictly fashionable needs…those fabric hangtags are demanded-and seal the deal for apparel- for the former-while for stylish endeavors-the look-feel-fit =rule…and the only hangtag that matters-is most often the one with the price on it.

In between---the crossover appeal (retail sales) of multi-functional casual lifestyle-travel apparel---something humans are wearing everyday to work now-often mix-matched with designer pieces-where good looking durable clothes made of performance fabrics can serve as well- under inclement weather, at the office (employed types where no straight-up suits are required, obvi),  on day jaunts in the park - hike trails... as well as later night bar trawls--imo- the sweet spot of opportunity for a lot of the new tech fabrics.

Cordura® def. has this covered...

new Chambray material from Advance Denim/Cordura-we expect to this picked up by a bunch of labels for S/S 2016/17. ASking for price vs cotton -we were told maybe a 15% premium -depending

Whatever garments use the new chambray material from Advance Denim/ Cordura®-that majorly impressed us with the cotton soft hand feel-and sheerness of the fabric-available in several tones…yet more durable. (pictured above)
Advanced Denim offerings hold up better than cotton denim alone…we wish our fav best fitting ever CLOSED jeans were made of this because NO those ripped knees are not intentionally a fashion statement.  We fell, ouch.


camo used well-with deft color blocking -Cordura® sponsored the WorkN'Mode Fashion design contest at leading Parisian fashion school Atelier Chardon Savare-with challenge to create stylish hi-tech functional workwear…including this terrific camo front zip weather tough articulated hood-jacket with a drop tail back, reflective trim, plenty of pockets-by winner Louise De Testa
this jacket would sell well anywhere=adorable! Winner Louise de Testa should star sell this on French version of Kickstarter-if there is one

Pretty fabulous, non?

moisture wicking, odor slaying with anti-mocrobial brief inside- board short fly closure, zip pocket
Reebok used Cordura®'s Naturalle™ for their get tough CrossFit apparel for men/women

With a soft hand feel-yet highly abrasion resistant -these REEBOK CROSSFIT pieces are perfect blends of street-style pizazz and functionality.

camo with bright color pops and color block inserts---could double as board shorts for watery pursuits like paddle boarding. Adorbs!  ALSO moisture wicking, odor slaying with anti-mocrobial brief inside- board short fly closure, zip pocket
AND imo-not limited to CrossFit activities---LOVE the matt finish-and with 4 way stretch in the mix-these short style separates can work for many athletic pursuits..or just lying around on a lounger. Well done. REALLY.

dry quickly too…denim look with broad color blocking---
solid grey…lined with lilac-great color combo

guys cursing the street-or a boardwalk…after or before-or without a CrossFit workout.

Cordura® slim fitting knit design serious durability and w/scoop neck + bold logo---bonus points to the designer