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NEW BALANCE 577 TEST MATCH-Made in Flimby, England

Gary Ballance-ready for World Cup in Melbourne, AU

Just wait till cricket becomes an Olympic sport-because THEN- like curling-the sport and talent needed to be a winner-will get some respect .

 577TGY New Balance
For now, Euro based  fans can celebrate the soon to be played World Cup of Cricket- with the newly themed New Balance Test Match pack -in three new color ways of the classic silhouette M577-  a tribute to the British national sport. 

For the 577TGY - green suede =  cricket field serves as inspiration- while the gray-blue suede of 577TBO represents the colors of the "stands". 

A highlight of the pack- the dark red leather of the 577TLR symbolizes the play thing of this elite sport.

In addition, each model is made ​​with eggshell-colored details on the tongue and midsole, reminiscent of the typical "linings" in cricket. 

577TBO New Balance

As with all hand crafted models from Flimby, UK- premium materials, and finely done details are distinguished.

Drops mid-March-mid-April 2015

 577TLR New Balance

The New Balance 577 Test Match Pack is available in Uebervart , 43 1/2 , TGWO , Solebox ,Frontline and Gloryhole

577 Test Match Pack from New Balance EMEA on Vimeo.