Wednesday, February 11, 2015

#JCPCinderellaMoment-JC Penney DESIGN CONTEST-Homage to Cinderella's Ballgown-Disney Film

A glass slipper-in ice!
NEW YORK PALACE-The Drawing Room

Nina Garcia, Katie Holmes, Charlotte Ronson-Judges with tough choices!

A fairy tale setting for a fairy tale -re-telling-thank-you JC Penney for a lovely way to spend a morning.

Attendees all-admired the cool as a cucumber composure of ten talented graduate students in the Fashion School of Kent State University ---who had under two hours to conjure up a glam outfit-inspired by this wondrous Cinderella ballgown-that was straight off the live-action film's set (eta March 2015)---in homage of the store's collaboration with this modern day take on the timeless tale.

Kelsi McCafferty

Calvin Brant

Zane Lehman

always on camera-added to the pressure

Jay Lewis---winner..!!!!

Sarah Kaufmann

Cailin Dufy

Kara Krogger-her design below...

lately pants/jumpsuits have found favor on the awards Red Carpet season…this denim(?) and striking top -we would wear in a NY minute=by Kara Kroger

tea length by Calvin Brant--- on left---Red Carpet 30's inspired- Hollywood-imo-by Kelsi McCafferty- on right

very wearable….with diagonal sash adds element of glam

tools of the trade
DJ Chelsea Leyland accompanied by violinist Charlie Yang

and the winner is….

The looks were judged by Katie Holmes, JCPenney style voice Nina Garcia (with the best smile-ever!) and designer Charlotte Ronson. 
the winner---we spoke with Jay Lewis and he told us he was super nervous the first two minutes---and then focused on this lovely-very feminine-frilly gown---that would dramatically billow out on the wearer

David Stark Design did the magnificent flowers

Pamela Pekerman of TV stylist+insightful commentator…with a major Prada hauler...
this is NYC-so everyone had major black on somewhere
tempting-but we stuck with the caffeine