Friday, February 6, 2015



Ways to make life easier / safer and solutions to how to safely haul around mobile devices- personal electronics---Nite Ize= check-check-check-got it.

This company fascinates us with the 'stuff' it makes…like some genius-y geek types hanging out-coming up with these affordable answers to so many aspects of modern lives. Or maybe it is that Colorado home base----Rocky Mountain High altitude…whatever.

Nite Ize has evolved WAY beyond it's original product-of a Headband Mini Flashlight Holder ...

Check out this customizable attachment system GEARTIE that can be used anywhere there's a bit of a flat  surface. Very helpful for cramped city dwellers with apartments the size of closets-and closets the size of a yardstick.
GearTie's also sold separately in different sizes-reusable ---and very long lasting

snap off cover of round the dock it part-screws are included…drill in to attach snap cover back on…and rubber grippy gear tie-comes in multiple colors--- holds tight when wrapped around 1x…supports a lot of weight too.
Visibility is key when walking/running/riding after the sun sets…Nite Ize's solutions deliver reflectivity and LED solutions including .clip on/carabiner LED lights (flash or solid)- in different sizes including one that attaches to shoe/sneaker laces.
carabiner attachment-SPOTLIT morphs like a disco ball-into FUN colors---match up with colors of outfit…make a dog really standout in the dark. Online about $6.98

...and so smart-stretchy laces that don't require readjustments-but are super visible in light colors. Brilliant.

No need to stop and adjust ---KnotBone™ rubbery durable TPU stretch laces tie them up-or with LaceLock system-like speed laces,
stretchy enough for easy on/off…to use -cut the ends to a sharp point. Multiple colors available

LaceLock System with KnotBone laces
A better fitting reflective vest with 100 hour replaceable battery LED lights …a must have for runners and cyclists who venture outdoors at night-even on well lit byways---easy to not see a human from  a car driver's perspective when those going forth on their own power are dressed in dark colors.
this reflective vest (white part) with a replaceable front and back LED lights---orange looking strip lights up to glow or flash- is a life saving must…in sizes and shaped so as not to interfere with how arms are swung…has zipped pocket in front too.

on back-center strip LED light-flash or glow…very lightweight-will not notice it on-adjustable side tabs
side web adjustable and the reflective tab covers stop the straps from flapping it around. Smart.

comes in an ez carry pouch

Mildly obsessed with this SnapIt LED wrist band (around $7.99)…that is comfy enough to be totally unnoticeable …reflective pops-but press the 'sun' icon-and it flashes or glows…and wraps around any size adult wrist.

rolls out to be flat too…and the metal hole allows attach via carabiner-to anything

curls around so as not to shift around when moving -and lined with clean-able soft skin feel nylon fabric. the end tab near the replaceable battery pops out a tad but is not annoying at all.  

nifty for those without a dock…metallic Steelie Vent Mount kit attaches to vent---steel ball holds smartphone securely.

attach smartphone with HandleBand

Other cool offerings great gifts for guys---gear ties, lockable carabiner SlideLock (around $4.98),  the multi-functional key attachment DoohicKey (around $10.45) -(serrated edge, bottle opener, #2 flat head screwdriver, scoring point),  use anywhere -even under water or upside down-practically indestructible pen (one end) that doubles as stylus-on the other InkaMobile---comes with stainless steel clip-S-carabiner clip it anywhere.