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Backstage: Mehron Makeup, Hair-Nunzio Saviano, Nails- Patricia Yankee-SAUNDER F/W NYFW 2015

 Empire Hotel, NYC

A 21st century interpretation of the Tudor-Elizabethean era was Mehron Make-up Artist Orlando Santiago's inspiration aka "…to complement the regal Saunder collection, I created this high-end renaissance-like beauty. The skin was porcelain with a very intense, merlot sculpted lip, to give a bit of an edge."
Mary Ellen Best-Painter Queen Elizabeth I

editorial look-with the blanking out of the eye area-emphasizing the lips and color of eyes
Orlando Santiago

Face: Celebre Pro HD Make-up, Mixing Liquid, Face Smoothie
EYES-in this picture -INtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigment in Pure Lightening, Detailiz in White, Brows-AgGem, Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder in Translucent, Celebre Pro HD make-up
Cheeks/Contour:  E.Y.E. Powder in Cocoa

LIPS: Celebre Pro HD Make-Up, E.Y.E. Liner Pencil in Brown, L.I.P. Cream in Cherrywood
 Eyes:-in the above pic -E.Y.E. Powder in Cocoa, Espresso and Black Onyx, L.I.P. cream in Wild Plum, INtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigment in Tornado, Detailiz in Black and WHite Mascara, Brows: AgGem, Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing Powder in Translucent, Celebre Pro HD make-up

Orlando Santiago…helps out...
Palettes are the pros way to go
tools of the trade-make-up brushes galore-note they are all clean

it took hours to make
Pattie Yankee…beautiful pearl encrusted nails-stunning!
Mehron Make, Patricia Yankee Nails
Nunzio Saviano-hairstylist-salon owner

Nunzio Saviano: The inspiration for this look is the 1600s Elizabethan era with a modern twist.  

white pearls were individually placed to form a crown in the front

Impressive-this model typing away on her smartphone with those jewel encrusted talons
DAME Hilary Mary Mantel’s historical novels ‘Wolf Hall’ (coming to tv- PBS in USA ) -and ‘Bring Up the Bodies’  inspired the collection