Saturday, January 10, 2015


 Las Vegas, International Consumer Electronics Tradeshow
conductive fibers relay the 411----collected by the sensors to the adjustable anklet that weighs less than one ounce. There are magnetic contact points below the cuff-to connect the anklet to activate the sensors (we are assuming when running the up/down motion-and the anklet- not annoyingly felt- added bonus if some loose dog takes a bite of one's ankle-surprise!) Obvi-detach anklet when washing.

Maybe great minds do think alike-Sensoria Fitness Socks =another wearable that dazzles(see QuadioCore for another one)-AND another two CES Innovation Awards 2015 Nominee in wearable technologies and fitness, sports and biotech. BRAVO.

can see the sensors woven into the sock. We felt -and its unobtrusive. each sock has 3 proprietary textile sensors under the plantar area (bottom of the foot)…with conductive fibers (looks kinda gold green-our pic) collected by sensors to the anklet. "The sock has been designed to function as a textile circuit board." AND yup-company founded by software smarties.
Dubbed a Personal Running Coach-Sensoria socks-are deft use of textile technology (all proprietary) we see more and more of from covering the outdoors world...
when connected to the sock-anklet relays data via Bluetooth Smart-to app on smartphone-battery life active usage=6 hours…3 axis accelerometer further enhance data monitoring
WHAT it measures--- running form feedback -foot landing (as in the spot on your foot), foot contact time on the ground, cadence-performance feedback including time, HR zones (when paired with HR monitor)---plus-calories, distance, pace, ascent/descent, altitude. speed,steps.

NICE TOUCH choose how you want the stats delivered-via audible or visual feedback. For now need to have smartphone with you in order to collect data---

the app-Android, iOS, and Windows mobile friendly-pic. info delivered via the Sensori Sports Bra and Heart Rate Monitor  
What we'd be curious-can compare performance based on running shoes (7000 pairs in virtual running closet)-though of course-all other things being equal-like how you are feeling that day, running at same time under same conditions…interested to see the techy sensors work with all the different foot shapes, arch heights, and running styles out there.

DETAILS: Sensoria Socks+Anklet-includes 2 pairs of MADE IN THE USA performance socks-moisture wicking, anti-odor, machine washable and comfy. We have not tried so cannot comment on Sensoria Socks ability to not slip. Retail price is $199 BUT pre-order it-drops to about half that. On the website-predict 4 pairs of socks, used 3-4 workouts a week-last a year.

Sizes-unisex we guess-meaning men's sizes  Adult S, M L, XL. ETA soon

WHAT ELSE: Sensori Sports Bra and Heart Rate Monitor---as seen below:
these kind of wearables are user friendly---the  Sensori Sports Bra and Heart Rate Monitor $149 is moisture wicking, anti-microbial, machine washable and comfy-the Sensori HRM snaps into the middle of band part- brathat looks reasonably supportive. PLUS the sport bra itself 'accepts' other popular HRMs like Polar H7 and Garmin Premium). We have a miCoach Adidas branded sports bra with snap in monitor- similar but it's ANT+ -data is not sent anywhere (review). Sensoria Fitness Privacy Policy

Not pictured-Sensoria Fitness T Shrt & HR Monitor $149---sleeveless v neck. Bundle and individual items-i.e.  HR monitor $69- sold separately

we found this youtube on the -now closed, indiegogo site: