Saturday, January 17, 2015

DIGITAL Home-Connected, Smart Appliances #CES2015

Las Vegas, International Consumer Electronics Show-Smart Home Marketplace 

at the show-Lowe had an entire home set-up to demonstrate Iris® functionalities in each room-above the bedroom with window motion sensor and smart thermostat


easy to "get" display---time options for all those settings
Controlling lights, alarms, appliances via an app and push notification services/controls (some free, some not) on a screen (smartphone, tablet) and a hub---is becoming accessible and more consumer common-as broadband and wifi become ubiquitous and prices of 'smart kits' come down…PLUS get distributed at the big box stores…promising do-it-yourself ease of set-up.
Iris® smart kit $299 comprehensive kit with Iris® hub, contact sensors, motion sensor, keypad, smart plug, smat thermostat, range extender, window decal $299

Iris® Safe&Secure $179  Iris® hub, contact sensors, motion sensor, window decal
From Lowe's =IRIS® is packaged as "…the affordable, customizable home security and home management system…" that offers the ability (flexibility) to lock doors, control thermostats, set-up in home motions detectors, etc.-with three kits-two pictured above (Smart Kit, Safe&Secure Kit…and Comfort & Control Kit $179). The system works with many different products from manufacturers such as GE, Sylvania, First Alert alarms -all with the logo "Works WIth Iris®" on the packaging.

Cost wise note--it may not stop there…because although Iris® connection-push notification/app/service is contract free- there are four different service packages -from the free Basic (basic control of Iris® devices, email text, or voice alerts if alarm triggered)…to a Premium service ($) with add-on options Care Service and backup Cellular connectivity when wifi or broadband is/are not available.

There were many home monitoring systems at the show-all working via wifi, Bluetooth or we assume ZigBee connectivity-offering simple to very VERY sophisticated functions---that were dazzling…and that raise a lot of questions.

Including --- questions about privacy, data security (as smartphones get hacked), and total costs---after all, with no contracts- and no price guarantees either =means increases once committed/invested to one system (?-a fair one)…and the inability of different devices/appliances from different companies not interchangeable with all digital home systems-not top topic discussions-yet---but maybe all satisfying answers could be impetus to widespread adaptation by folks.

MUZZLEY---was one answer to the aforementioned-what is expected by consumers=the ability to connect/control different devices from different manufacturers---and so far the list includes popularly known NEST thermostats, Tractive GPS device (review), Philips Hue lightbulbs, WeMo™ and Belkin light switches (list),
Kudos- to SyFy network's series"12 Monkeys"+ Philips Hue bulbs tie-in-download the app (iOS/Android) and the bulbs' hue will synch in time with the show via Hue Bridge. WOW. FYI 12 Monkeys -Terry Gilliam's directed 1995 movie (based on a short 60's French film) with a young Brad Pitt in crazy contact lenses.

Smart appliances by several companies were truly stunning---stealing admiring glances from all those 4k TVs...including Bosch that showed an entire suite of eco smart-energy saving appliances encased in custom cabinetry…demonstrating its HOME CONNECT System-that offers control of multiple household appliances by partner European manufacturers that sell appliances in the USA- including Bosch+Siemens (monitoring/remote control/time settings)- via an app on a smartphone or tablet-and a wifi connection.

built in wall oven…can turn on/off remotely

NICE: register with valid e-mail address-and data exchanged between app-household appliances using the Home Connect protocol and dedicated server-is stored, if necessary-anonymously to protect consumer privacy. Given its a German company-with higher Euro standards for consumer privacy rules -we like how Bosch markets that as a priority.

washer with raindrop structured drum for powerful but gentle wash-and all clothes get evenly rotated during washing process (yay!) -compact dryer---can be installed side to side, under counter or stacked
built-in refrigerator/freezer-built in camera-Optiflex Hinge open up and away from cabinetry-allows doors mounted flush-+open fully w/o touch surrounding cabinets…rep is showing off the interior via her tablet. 

known to be quiet while on-this recessed handle dishwasher with full color TFT display-easy to read+navigate-w/ info on cycle status+maintenance 
LG new TWIN WASH™ SYSTEM-with a mini-me washer- pull-out, drawer style. AND TurboSteam™(speed boost for dryer)and TurboWash™= VERY COOL.
obsessed with this…washer dryer  EVEN A  slob could love-monitor it all via smartphone app

Connect options-wifi and NFC -including compatible with LGs HomeChat™ messaging system-via built in SmartThinQ™technology.

dryer-on right-SmartThinQ™-send alert when finished-Heat Pump technology recycles heat energy efficient 
FEATURES+lots of smart features-LG new ergonomic design with TurboWash™ technology---techy cycles…
Dryer-is loaded up with smart tech too….
world's first mini-compact washer in an efficient hide away design-stacked with front loader front loader with a 5.6 cu Mega Capacity-very ergo design can run both same time fyi 

full touch display-mini washer...great for delicates, hand washables---with warm water, extra rinse options

This substitute for pricey dry-cleaning…LG Styler-is a second generation compact clothing refresher system….and imo fit NYC apartments. We know people who have the original one-and LOVE IT!!!
two Styler's-side by side---shows doors can open to the left or the right

Odor Removal feature, Quick Refresh function, Moving Hanger Action gently shakes clothes after steaming remove wrinkles capacity 4 pieces
sleek-Smart Diagnosis™and NFC Tag On-on LG Styler- alerts user via smartphone, downloads special cycles-tap upload to Styler

built in heat pump prevents shrinking, and TrueSteam™hot steam spray technology-eliminates 99.9% germs and bacteria-for clothes including babies and their stuffed animal toys. Ease Pants Crease Care feature on the door section gets rid of creases formed at back of knees-maintains perfect pleats up front. NIFTY. Water for steam feature-on bottom-pulls right out to fill...
pull out---filter and where water for steam function goes...

what it does…

filter-can be cleaned

Panasonic---what a neat company to work for---and get all those employee discounts!!!!
Over at the convention center-a tricked out kitchen contained this induction cooking top that lights up to show what's on what.

we love our Panasonic microwave-but this new Cyclonic Microwave Oven in 2 sizes with 16.5 or 15 inch turntables radiates energy gently+evenly in 3 D circular pattern-so no cold spots-20 programmable sensor cook+reheat options+turbo defrost mode.

Panasonic picture-raisin +nut dispenser---visible 

Cool with an eta September 2015 delivery -Gluten Free --- Panasonic Breadmaker----how timely---via a dedicated mode, an external temperature sensor-measures ambient temps throughout baking process (handy)-16 baking modes in all, yeast dispenser with optional timing, +washable nut/raisin dispenser distributes ingredients evenly and at ideal time. We bet we could even turn out perfect French bread, pizza dough or plain ole' white bread.

Founders  Dennis Lee and Tim Porth ---running strides are very unique+ personal-depending on a lot of factors including a gazelle or more of a glider kind of stride. Zero Runner  supposed accommodates both so we were told--we're gliders low impact fast cad---the Zero Runner comes equipped with mechanical hip+knee joints that imitate human biomechanics…and independent pedals duplicate natural running motion. We tried-and since we can't use treadmills-even the pricey Woodway ones without staining a muscles because our natural stride gets thrown off-is def better indoor alternative...
Fitness---well -ya have to burn off those calories -we tried out this indoor ZERO RUNNER ($3299) by Octane Fitness---which has a tricked out, advanced console with various fitness data including running gait (nice not to have to use a smartphone to get the 411 via SmartLink™ app)… heart rate can be measured in 2 ways-Polar, ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless---or via HR sensor on the stationary handlebars.

The independent pedals are akin to an elliptical machine-but the motion reminded us of how we run---rolling hills…without the impact, of course.