Friday, January 9, 2015


Tractive GPS Pet Tracking $129-$199


Las Vegas-International Consumer Electronics Association Tradeshow

Cool Products We Saw:

It is so heartbreaking when we see Lost Pet signs plastered all over lamp posts-post office/grocery store community bulletin boards---etc-in cities and rural locales…

Even our vet for the cat was intrigued----AND---

...if we had a frisky type of dog we'd def. cough up the $ for the 100% waterproof Tractive GPS Pet Tracking system…WHICH IS $119 Tractive GPS (on sale, works in >80 countries), $179 Tractive GPS 2 (works in >80 countries and clip loss detection, heat alarm), AND  $199 Tractive GPS 3G-USA -Canada edition with  clip loss detection, heat alarm.

All models include USB charger and 2  attachment clips for collar, a rechargeable battery -PLUS ($6/99/month -or at this time around 4.99 Euros-month)…cause have to synch up to some satellite to GPS track and that costs money…

What's missing-imo-battery life indicator…though a charged battery lasts 2-5 days.

WHAT IT IS: Simple enough-attach the real time Tractive GPS tracker to the collar of the pet-define a Safe Zone-and immediately get notified if pet goes outside of it.

 Of course there is an app-a free Tractive GPS Smartphone App with the live tracking feature…locate pet directly on smartphones, also reveals where your pet has been in last 24 hours, integrated light (easier to find pet in dark). 

Tractive Motion $99.99
What Else…maybe an active pet will motivate a sluggish owner-ha ha--- the Tractive Motion tracks pet activity 24 hours a day---using the free Tractive Motion apps for iPhone, Android, Windows phone.

Just like the human versions-there are daily goals, stats, badges, a leader board for competitive types (no comparing children, right?)---and the tracker is 100% waterproof-Bluetooth smart.