Saturday, January 10, 2015


Las Vegas:

UA CONNECTED FITNESS™ Debuts Record Platform- fitness/activity/health app… 
on the International Consumer Electronic's Tech West tradeshow area-Under Armour had a lot of fun stuff going on including appearance by legend Cal Ripken, Jr. This photographer is shooting one brave and very in shape man having his Gumby-like squat movement assessed. Impressive.

Our observation-Under Armour was not the first global fitness/athlete/active lifestyle focused brands out there…THINK Nike, Adidas, Reebok...

daily, weekly, monthly goals---competitions
But one thing we know for sure---when that Baltimore based company 'gets' into a new product line-they don't mess around -and if not a massive success from the get-go-the company seems smart (humble) enough to re-invigorate and refresh what ails -LIKE-imo-their women's line-.

select activity-track data-sleep counts
SO-with the launch of Under Armour's visual platform (via a downloaded app works on Apple/Android smartphones))…the Record -we guess it's 'training'  customers to use a UA branded activity/fitness platform…ahead of a launch of -we are guessing here-apparel made from innovative performance fabric embedded with sensors (like the so cool but so pricey Hexoskin line) -or it's own dive into the pool of fitness/activity trackers -or other products via its previously announced partnership with HTC. (INFO on that).

steps vs sleep -visuals of the Under Armour Record-easy to read dashboard

Nice touch-UA Record's ability to work with work-out fiends' favs--devices from Jawbone, FitBit, Garmin---as well as apps likes its now owned MapMyFitness®-MapMyRun, MapMyRide...

Plus if the competitive type (vs the comparing type/) 20 humans can be invited to join one's networks to compete in customized challenges centered on fitness/health goals-with real-time updates, leader boards etc.
choose challenge---Way different than those college days beer chugging contests but similar to summer camp Color War. 
Smart-unique content from Under Armour including sponsored athlete workouts…and the ability to synch the seemingly hundreds of apps and tracking devices on one open platform-making UA's Record the only needed destination---because this is a crowded space already---not a whole lot of the USA population  regularly deploys or sticks with fitness/activity trackers.

 Like a once motivated niece-who after 3 weeks said "eh-was cool to use-but then it (fitness tracker) didn't match my outfit…"

Also on the App Store + Google Play store

PS: Along the lines of Timex's new GPS watch-we look forward to something by Under Armour that untethers the smartphone, altogether…and doesn't require uploading personal health data to third party sites for real time feedback.