Friday, November 7, 2014

Personal Fitness: Wrist-Cycle Wearables:TIMEX,MAGELLAN,PulseOn

Runners, Cyclists, Athletes-in Shape or Not


The human wrist has become a valuable commodity---and scores of company are connecting to that area's smartwatch possibilities…an acceleration precipitated by the 2 way radio version we remember from the comic strip character, Dick Tracy.

TIMEX- a 160 years old watch brand-introduced another sport focused smartwatch recently which interests many as no pairing of smartphones/handsets are necessary-aka a "stand-alone"----that will imo appeal to a broad range of motivated consumers-including those who do not run with any device----us included.

IRONMAN GPS+ONE $399.95-with a HR monitor $449.95-powered by a cloud based service delivery platform managed by Synchronoss (STOCK SYMBOL SNCR), which is also leading the development of the product’s mobile application and web portal, according to the press release. 
The latest touch screen enabled entry- the IRONMAN ONE GPS+ ...has to connect to something-to receive/upload personal info, GPS-enabled coordinates, etc-and that would be with the AT&T data system…(one year free included in the price-which right now doesn't start yet as it's on pre-order).

Other compatible options -include popular apps like MapMyFitness, a built-in music player app, MP3 component-w/ 4Gs storage- pairs with heart rate monitors, foot pods, wireless headphones (hear all that music)=Bluetooth™-plus it's water resistant up to 50 meters (around 150 feet), has customizable timers (10), screens and alerts, a rechargeable LI-ION battery (lasting anywhere from 4-72 standby hours), an IndiGlo® Night Light---messaging options to let people track you in real time "Find Me Mode"-- big for travelers, imo- to send emergency alerts.

ALSO nifty-each watch has its own email address- and Qualcomm is supplying the low-power always on color Mirasol touch display that can be seen in direct sun.

Timex has other sport smartwatches -including RUNX20 GPS -a slim design $100-with easy to read screen speed, pace, distance-rechargeable LI-ION battery, automatic pace alerts, calorie expenditure counting based on GPS data, water resistant to 50 meters, Indiglo® Night Light, 10 workout memory 

The ECHO™ SERIES of smartwatches from MAGELLAN® pairs with user's smartphone (via Bluetooth® 4.0)- for real time sport functions, access to music playlists, and personal goals/ \data-like tracking (steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned), sleep length, and is an activity tracker independent of phone. 

Echo Fit comes with 3 watch faces to choose from and four colors-black, pink, blue, gray...easy to use touch screen, pairs with popular sports apps, and has a battery lasts about 8 months…no recharging needed. Also water resistant vs. rain/shower-but NOT SWIMMING, and like a timepiece has alarm and stop watch functions. The ECHO is larger dial -and there is a version for Golfers (app-Golf Pad) and Outdoors (apps-like AllTrails, MapMy Hike)-with many similarities to Echo Fit (starting at $99.99)...both can be bought with a HR Monitor ($149.95)

save and share stats-we assume when changing battery-data needs to be back-upped somewhere else.
MAGELLAN's Cyclo™ Series are powerful cycling GPS computers-with an easy to read 3" color screen that can be read in direct sunlight (a big plus), rugged and water resistant (IPX-7)-includes universal and Out-front mounts and a glove worthy l-large button simple interface.
There are 2 main series-the Magellan Cyclo 315 +315hc w/ HR Monitor-compatible with ANT+ and speed/cadence sensor and Magellan Cycle 505s= Bluetooth Smart, WiFi interface, has music controls, and is Power Meter Compatible (ANT+) -with the 505hc  w/ HR Monitor-compatible with ANT+ and speed/cadence sensor. (price ranges $349.99-$499.99)

Top features---custom cycling profiles based on personal profile, equipment, riding styles-including mountain bike stat of %unpaved routes, Surprise Me™-up to three routes for rider to select with the 411 on elevation, length, difficulty delivered, compatible with over 140 ANT+ products, preloaded maps showing cycle lanes, cycle tracks, and bike shop POIs…all can be recored and shared too.

neat feature-Both series are Di2 compatible models that can read record shifting information from compatible Di2 electronic bicycle shifting systems-feedback on whether shifting at wrong time or in wrong gear…a lot of data.
small and lightweight (less than 1 ounce)-PulseOn-nifty looking watch watch too

synchs via Bluetooth with iOS+Android apps
From the country (FINLAND) that brought delivers our very used SUUNTO---is new to these shores-PulseOn-a heart rate monitor smartwatch-that requires no separate chest strap monitor----reads pulses and when paired up with smartphones-can deliver the 411 on calories burned, distance, time to full recovery, VO2 MAX etc.

It did reminds us of MIO---so-and we are quoting here from the IndieGoGo site"PulseOn has created a proprietary sensor solution using multiple wavelenghts of light combined with a unique sensor design to measure your blood flow from different depths of skin tissue. This makes PulseOn able to measure heart rate accurately and reliably in a wide variety of conditions and use cases. Together with intelligent algorithms and patented mechanical design allowing for the device to fit your wrist flawlessly and comfortably, PulseOn can monitor your heart rate accurately even at highest running speeds and across multiple cardio-intensive sports. Its accuracy is comparable to chest strap based monitors while its comfort is equal to a wrist band! For the first time, you can truly replace your chest belt."

pre-order of the IndiegGoGo site