Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Outdoor Retailer-Fall/Winter 2014 Trends-Heritage, Tricked Out Autos Part 10

SLC, Utah

Archival Inspirations:
Longevity in the outdoors/adventure world is impressive…so why not reference the past-often literally or refreshed…for tomorrow's goods. It makes for smart business and sells a brand's story across multiple platforms.

CHACO---we had memories of the Grateful Dead with the From the Vault series of double and single strap classic Z sandals from  Born on the River  Chaco.
The web selection was easy-based on the bestsellers since celebrating birthday number one-back in 1989.
Vault Collection-CHACO-MADE IN THE USA $125
Ellington handbags uses plush Italian leather for its very limited-have to call for- heritage rucksack that first debuted back in 1986-when the label launched.

In Tan--main compartment -drawstring closure +buckle one, exterior zip pocket+2 pockets with buckle closures, interior zipper pocket on main flap

Not too many (okay, none) Outdoor Retailer exhibitors we ever saw cite Coco Chanel as inspiration!!!!
The Best Color In The Whole World Is The One That Looks Good On You
Nice way to start a collection, imo --- this is a high end luxury item ($800) for this USA based label.
Leather backpack straps, 

signature Ellington interior
Tin cloth is one of those signature fabrics Filson (since 1897!) is famous for----and its Tin Jacket-guaranteed for life has a new collar trim…breaking in like a new pair of jeans might be required. NOTE THIS JACKET CAN STAND ON ITS OWN. REALLY!
Rugged and water repellant, wind resistant Tin Jacket with Mackinaw wool lined collar---plenty unlined pockets, hanging loop inside-


PIMP MY RIDE -Our obsession with this MTV series conjured up deep felt needs to hose down our Subaru warrior of a car…much like these jaw dropping (in some cases) motor vehicles that somehow emerged sparkling clean/without a scratch ---on the tradeshow floor.

Smartwool took this van across the lower 48 in 2013…with fans' signatures --- scribbled on…#SWfanVAN

we took a look at the list of locales---no Manhattan stops in 2013---we would not want to see this vehicle plastered with NYPD issued parking tickets-and then towed to the tune of $370. Smart of SmartWool to skip that

For a mere $130,000-FILSON's Edition AEV Brute is a phone call away…and tempted many attendees with its handsome good looks.

This MADE IN THE USA double cab is customized by American Expedition Vehicles…and features (copied from website…)
seats with Made in the USA Horween leather and Filson Twill Panels…
...a stamped steel Front Bumper, 9,500-lb. WARN Winch, a fully functional Heat Reduction Hood, 3.5" Dualsport SC Suspension System and 35" BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM2 Tires. Powering the Brute Double Cab is a 6.4-liter HEMI V8 engine, producing an exhilarating 475hp.  Brute Double Cab:

Exclusive features only available on the Filson Edition
  • Filson-specific, non-metallic dark green exterior paint
  • Filson signature Horween leather seating accented with durable, Rugged Twill panels
  • Filson Rugged Twill custom rear seat storage bag
  • Exclusive Filson exterior and interior badging
  • Custom tonneau cover

Built in rear seat storage bags

IMO---if  mpg is deciding factor-this ride is probably not for you.
Fjällräven-a Swedish outdoors label with a cult following is very eco aware---and though we thought this tricked out FORD F-350 vehicle bejeweled with camping equipment galore--- a probable gas inhaler…given its size…in fact the EcoTrek Foundation "Eco Expedition Truck"has an 1800 mile range while using less petroleum than the average hybrid. Fueled by algae based biodiesel fuel developed by the US NAVY…fyi.

2 person tent atop-nice view. Painted with Axalta Coating Systems' custom water based color-Beyond Bronze -eco too 

Burly grill...
can run on biodiesel or diesel…more info. Inside-from sister brands Brunton, Primus, and Han Wang
Foxhead had its can't miss van---with footwear onboard…with great slogan "Performance Is Our DNA."
Fox Footwear