Saturday, March 29, 2014

Green Festival-America's Largest/Longest Running Sustainability Show- Launch Party

Media Preview
Environment Furniture
350-352 Bowery, NYC 

Environment Furniture---repurposed wood-stunning design WIN WIN.
A new Euro team (Messe-Stuttgart) with non profits Green America and Global Exchange is taking the annual Green Festival across America-to even better than ever- (re)acquaint attendees to the benefits of an eco way of life-effortlessly, we might add. 

From non-toxic household goods, healthful food (vegan, vegetarian that really has mainstream appeal), organic beer and wines---to Fair Trade accessories/clothing, and skincare/beauty/grooming---the NYC version on April 26-27 at the large Pier 94 (10-6PM)---will have something for everyone. 

Violets Are Blue-skin care with pronounceable healing natural ingredients-with liquids smartly packaged in violet reusable/recyclable glass bottles-something common in Europe where BPA in plastic is banned---but not here. Hmm. This NYCer -Cynthia Besteman-cancer survivor developed gentle to use serum/wash/lipbalm good for super sensitive skin-including skin of those going through chemo treatments.  We lent our serum sample to a gal pal with dry skin. She loved! Plus 10% proceeds go to Mt Sinai Hospital-NYC. Priced from $12-$45

Not in a buying mood-no worries-there's entertainment, family activities-and ways to chill out like taking in a street chic fashion show, getting a downward dog pose perfected at yoga demos, or learning to master a culinary challenge at a workshops.
Muffetta Naturals -Vegetable Wash-reduces microbial load, removes soil, wax, dirt and other contaminants-cause even organic veggies need a scrubbing. Sulphite free too-as are the aromatic All Purpose Cleaners especially good way to avoid inhaling toxic chemicals when cleaning the home. Wish it could do what chlorine nukes out in the pools we swim in. Ha. Refillable spray bottles. And all the ingredients are clearly explained on the label. Bravo to that.

Jamaican native Muffetta Krueger---founder (left)
---And of course the aforementioned alcohol. 

Anna's Potions and Lotions (by Debbie Miller-fyi)-cruelty free, vegan-made with organic and natural ingredients-no dyes, synthetic colorants, phthalates, sorbates or synthetic preservatives. our ample of the Sweet Rose Moisturizing Creme $26 with Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil---as the main ingredient-is addictive- scented splendidly and richly soothing. No yech petro or mineral oil either-only the real deal here-made in small batches
Samplings at a media preview-was a lot of fun---and packed with enthusiastic vendors---all home grown entrepreneurs who have a non-toxic passion for living- a greener way---and started a business, accordingly.
Jill Riley's Alapure-smart-uses the healing, anti-oxidant packed Marula Tree Oil from Africa (and for this company-Fair Trade sourced)--- in all of its products…paraben free and nicely loaded with other ingredients that rejuvenate, heal and moisturize the skin. Marula Oil-is the latest 'it' healing oil-that like argan- multi-tasks naturally. Priced from $6 -$21.99



What Else---Bonus points go to Born In Brooklyn, USA SoapBoy™ 2 in 1 shower gel-has a light spicy scent we adore. Sulfate and paraben free, head to toe usability, 8fl oz. $15

What We Ate ---some non GMO-vegan treats that were terrific=TerraNut Nut Punch, Raw Revolution-USDA Organic with energy booting Spirulina, Beanfields Bean&Rice Chips-gluten free and vegan-better than potato chips-4grams protein and 4 grams fiber. 

FYI---No chemicals. GMO +Gluten free, and no preservatives---but with calories. You've been warned.
Amazingly tasty-don't expect any of these treats to last. We devoured the Vegan Gluten Free, non GMO Chai Spice Macaroons in a NY minute. Packaging is mostly bio based fil meaning the plastic is derived mostly from plants 87% not petro oil and is biodegradable too)…and of course, paper is recycle friendly.

FYI: Green Festival 2014 = New York City, (April 26-27), Washington, D.C. (May 31-June 1), Los Angeles (September 12-14), Chicago (October 24-26) and San Francisco (November 14-16). 

Sponsor we love already-Clif Bar …committed and examples of corporate responsibility we hope is contagious---