Monday, December 16, 2013


easy to spot Darn Tough's booth---look up or ask the soft swirl ice cream cone eaters to point the way...

Outdoor Retailer/SLC

As we flip through magazines…online and print-we rarely register the advertisements.

But lately we've noticed the NYSE listed, Gildan owned Gold Toe® socks brand-(mostly made in China, fyi)-inserted on facing side columns in glossy reads.

It's not just the genius gold toe that pops out-it's the fact that socks are truly fashion statements (plus rather inexpensive ones, relatively speaking)---AND enough of a market reality ($) to buy pricey real estate in women's high end editions…

Anyone who puts up with ill-fitting and/or freezing cold/sweatin' hot pair of socks…might be the type that suffers for fashion…BUT WHY?
Color blocked, solids and prints...
Case in point…

Outdoor sock brand Darn Tough Vermont has been 100% making- guaranteed for life hike/trek/run/bike/hunt/tactical/kids and yes... majorly colorful lifestyle socks (Poppy Gal Design Studio collab)---for nearly a decade now.

Small needle knitting the ultra- finest merino wool-sometimes blended with Coolmax® (moisture management)--season after season churns out great fitting, durable, comfy and snazzy looking feet coverings for a whole bunch of activities. And that includes motions by catwalk wannabes as well as mountain scalers.

new for Spring 2014-Rin/Bike, Lighter Hike/Trek (2nd from left, and far on right-women's Light Hiker Aztec Micro) and solid rib Lifestyle Crew….

And just when we figure-there cannot possibly be a toe not covered properly…DTV comes up with new styles to fit market demand. Sharing the company's superfine merino wool DNA --all styles also stay put on feet and are chafe free via True-Seamless™ technology.
 Run/Bike No Show Mountain Top Light Cushion- panels up top allow foot to breathe, 
In the run/bike category-triathlon alert---there's the form-fitting no show light cushion and ultra-light socks-with different tops-like tabs and pictured above-the distinctive mountain. (Men and Women's styles)

Hikers have options too-with more Darn Tough cushion and light cushion Hike/Trek socks-that now deliver at quarter length.

Fit, moisture wicking comfort -all here-with elastic support at the arch that keeps the socks from slipping.
Aztec Micro Crew and Daphne-quarter length cushion socks (in four earthy colors/Poppy Gall collab)---new for women---

kinda see the difference in thickness-of cushioning-with lighter hiker up top

Crew length-Solid Rib Basic Lifestyle socks
Sold tones of basic everyday hoisery-deliver neutrals and brighter tones…demand driven. New lengths too-no shows and mid calf for guys that are suit friendly. As always-Darn Tough's signature comfort, no-itch fine gauge Merino Wool-is good for year round wear.

different packaging…lifestyle-active

many many options-wearing these are a revelation on what comfort is...

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