Monday, December 16, 2013


Outdoor Retailer/SLC

2nd left-new Soft Tread women's quarter (and low cut)-made of fibers employing NASA worthy liquid crystal polymer for durability-blended with shock absorbing wool. Super soft. On right women's Paisley Crew-Moh-rino fibers, V-Tech arch support, mesh channels for ventilation, durable and no-slip lightweight hiker sock. 
When we got a totally unsolicited piece of advice about how great Balegra running socks are…it barely registered because we have never heard of the brand

Soon after that statement we shared a ride and a race with-well really he finished way ahead - a former South Africa's Olympic Team Summer 2000  track and field member ---and he hadn't either.

Moh-rino Performance crew-hiker Moh-rino fiber

WELL we do now---as the manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa (!) -using performance wools made in the USA, sock company…launched an outdoors collection…made its way to OR,

Functional fibers on board for this brand include- a high quality blend of superfine merino wool (the naturally multi-tasking breathable/durable/comfy fiber) and what is called Moh-rino- a lightweight luxurious blend of odor absorbing merino and mohair =chafe free, crease resistant, thermo regulating, lightweight, and year round wearable.

Also in the mix Balegra's DrynamiX®-moisture management fabric system ensuring airflow for better sweat evaporation---and construction details like deep heel pockets, mesh for ventilation, V-Tech arch support bands, various levels of cushioning for shock absorption-and hand linked toe seams…finishing blister free wearing with a human touch. Impressive.

We ran in 2 different kinds of Balegra running socks since getting 411-ed---both unisex sized- Hidden Comfort and thicker cushioned Blister Resist-which we select by weather-hotter out=less of it…cold=more.
Blister Resist-bottom-in Neon Green-top two lighter weight Hidden Comfort-Teal+Candy Pink

Both are great-as in completely unobtrusive, a good thing…with no-itch comfort +  enhanced grip construction.

MEANING no stopping to yank up either pair on long runs (10 miles+)…even when we had to stop to tighten up our running shoe laces. The thicker Blister Resist no shows and medium cushion Hidden Comfort--fit well bulk free too-as the top parts have the thinner vent mesh panels---that serve to lie flat under laces and secure the fit.

Noticeably-after a run on a freezing cold day wearing the Blister Resist-we chilled up on the walk back from the park---pretty much everywhere but our feet. This natural fiber sock-with Balegra's Dynamix Mohair (Drymo)…def warm when wet=ideal blend of synthetic moisture wicking and natural blister preventing. Plus= great mid arch supper, deep heel pocket…and ankle wrapping fit. Not tight -but shape retaining stretchy comfort.

The Hidden Comfort-with less cushioning-still has enough though…and both have anti-slip tab backs for easy on/off.

FYI-hand stitched toe seams-is not a hand stitch in the traditional sense-meaning visible sewing.

BONUS POINTS: At OR…sale of "Doek" unisex headscarf-looks good on dogs too-supported the Black Rhino Wildlife Trust.

FACTOID: Balegra is a ZULU word meaning "To Move With Speed"