Sunday, December 8, 2013



Festive packaging and limited editions-companies who plan this stuff in a year in advance…(at least)---have easy stocking stuffer options for those glam gals on any one's list.

And that includes oneself…

We go to enough biz trade shows ---and read enough science press to know that there is some serious 'chemistry' behind those often costly ingredients ---

Whether formulated with other ingredients- to deliver results as billed-is the BIG question.

A newly launched present to oneself-to keep one's looks present, so-to-speak is the latest anti-ager by a cult-fav skincare line, Orlane,  B21 Extraordinaire. -made with an ingredient derived from organic irises.

Previewed to media last week, the presentation showed off several rather impressive before/after pics of product testers--- that are not on the company website (but should be).

Timing is everything, and this France based skincare company  is celebrating its 21st birthday…with its acclaimed B21 Bio Energetic complex of 21 acting amino acids that started it all-amplified in the mix of  B21 Extraordinaire. 2x a day use-this non-irritating gel-like product-with a feel between a serum and a cream (absorbs in mere seconds) - tackles three leading causes of aging:

(1) reducing Progerin, a toxic molecule that 'deforms' cells,
(2) increases the cells' repairing/regenerating activity (desirable) with cutting edge goodies Sirtuin 3 and 1,

(3) protects telomeres-which themselves protect chromosomes from degeneration- ensuring a longer life for cells-and we note, a focus of a lot of companies/scientific experiments-not just limited to anti aging of the human body's biggest organ, skin.

In turn, healthier skin cells start producing new collagen (a process that slows from age 20, thereabouts!), elastin and proteglycanes that give skin a youthful appearance and texture. $250


For mental travel takeaways---thematic makeup palettes…are always FUN…and great gifts for a gal pal that loves the brand in question. NARS Cosmetics, beloved by casual consumers and professional artists- has holiday gift sets of complimentary eye/cheek powders, plus full sized nail polish and gloss- that imo work for all skin tones….celebrating NY, LA and Miami (pictured). In limited editions $75.
Another gift that keeps on giving-year round-comes courtesy of an entire industry of themed companies-delivering goodies including beauty/fashion items-for those that need constant gratification,  on a quarterly/monthly basis!

New to us…and very cool-is the Giuliana Rancic curated FabFitFun overstuffed VIP box of well known and not as much, full sized grooming/fitness/accessories/wellness treats aimed at keeping one stylishly healthy-in that way that seems to effortlessly ooze off those Hollywood A-lister types that populate the Red Carpet…

 In our SWAG box---plenty of holiday cheer for US -for $49.95 per box---on a 4x year seasonal subscription!

WITH=a pretty all season sheer grey patterned with pink neon whimsical birds by Gorjana scarf , a Healthy Warrior Chia bar-that we devoured like pronto-a natural, vegan 110 calorie chewy, all protein packed Chia seeds bar (yummy too), a packet of Drinkwel that bumps up water with multi-vitamins that support liver health (de-tox help, so timely), Sparitual Nail lacquer-a natural missioned company that offers lots of vegan, 5 free shades of pretty polishes...

 …a barre3 Standing Slim 30 minute DVD by exercise guru Sarah Lincoln for anywhere workouts (that a gal pal swears by, fyi)...
…a 3 pack Orville Redenbacher's microwave popcorn box-a  gluten free, easy football watching crowd pleaser-with 50% less fat than other to us Surface Trinity Protein cream- a spray on, anti-frizz, smoothing protective liquid hair treatment ---that's vitamin rich, paraben and phthalate free.Use a tiny bit on towel dry hair or even a spritz -1-2x fluff into hair- as a during the day touch-up...
popcorn, empty Healthy Warrior Chia bar wrapper, Surface Trinity Cream -liquid hair protection

…and not to us at all Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Facial Foam that gets the grime off without stripping skin-plus a $25 discount coupon for one of their signature facials, and sparkling eye makeup palette by StarLooks…in the neutrals that look good on everyone.


For that jewelry lover that likes to change up her look and therefore, tough to shop for-Le Tote, a San Fran based fashion subscription service with an interesting business model…has a nifty solution

$19/month Jewelry Box service---that--- kinda like the version of the mail-in Movie CD serivces- but for trendsetters on a budget…blingy personalized choices delivered monthly…wear around for weeks...-and then return for some new jewels. 

Easy colorful stocking stuffers for women---nail polish. We know women who NEVER wear any make-up-but fashion on their nail beds, now we're talking.

From NYC-Laqa & Co.  a $10/month nail polish club is a fun gift. So too- glossy chubby lip pencil gifts sets-named for 80's pop rock anthems -like Tainted Love… click on nails pens for polish on the go…and nifty colored 'regularly' bottled polishes…with artists designed festive packaging.

Also from NYC…Q&A's new neutral-Butter Pecan Rican…the latest from this uptown company that offers five free, vegan polishes.
Q&A-new  Butter Pecan Rican 5 free Vegan polish $10
Our way to do our nails however-is the very easy -peel off and use stickers. KISS has new stick-on bling that can be used on top of polished nails-or used to adorn the unadorned for some truly long lasting sparkle.

And in an inbox...