Wednesday, December 11, 2013

BELLEGANCE Premiere Fragrance-Midnight Promise

The Magical Hour When 
  Anything Is Possible
The Promise Of Midnight

W Hotel, NYC

No surprise…a former advertising copywriter and forever scent expert wrote the above 'pitch' for the fabulously sensuous and warm fragrance, Bellegance-Midnight Promise.

AND, creatively navigated the soup to nuts (notes) process that makes a parfum come to life (in this case 18+months plus)

An invite from Karen Dubin, founder and CEO  Sniifapolooza (an events based company with wonderful outings that fuse fragrance cultists and founders with perfume enthusiasts)…to experience her new 'baby' as it were…

We knew was going to be nothing short of an amazing  debut of a scent product.

And so it is= Midnight Promise- a warm, woody sensual perfume with complex layers and a hint of spice- that would appeal to either perfume enthusiastic gender….with:

Top notes: red mandarin, cinnamon (spicy and warm)
Heart notes: Moroccan red rose
Base Notes: amber, incense, oak moss, soft patchouli, fresh vetiver, vanilla musk, sandalwood

And as with all luxury fragrances-one can tell that the parfum concentration is high---at 25%.

Working with master perfumer Sarah Horowitz, the idea was to appeal to women who have had lives, careers, knowledge---who "cherish and enjoy' the luxury and elegance of fragrance. We were thinking how our gal pals who often spray with the oriental spicy classic: Opium by YSL (and not their tweener-college freshman daughters)- and tend to favor exotic complex scents-including men's colognes--- would LOVE this.

Dubin herself- found her night owl hour of midnight-was when she felt most creatively inspired…
This partially accounts for the deep sensuality of the fragrance--- and the eye-catching elegant weighty luminous amethyst glass bottle----with two inverted "B's"(designed by noted designer Ping Li) that look like a butterfly- and scripts -all in gold …fits the contents, perfectly.

Bottled and made in France…Midnight Promise is by Bellegance perfumes- a new luxury fragrance company founded by the cultured, artistically inclined  Dr. Gordon Schaye-an LA based surgeon who clearly has a deep appreciation for all things aromatic.


2.5 ounce/$105