Saturday, July 27, 2013

MANITOBAH MUKLUKS Fall 2013-Boots/Moccasins, Accessories

on right-Classic Mukluk (suede)-and Napa Half Mukluk-second from left-tall wrapped Mukluk
 W Hotel, NYC

Canada's Aboriginal owned, Manitobah Mukluks hosted a slew of media types recently to intro the footwear label.

packaging-Tipi image-from birchbark art

The Burton snowboard boots collab (read about it hear)...may get this company some so deserved attention---- maybe almost as much buzzy accolades as when the style/model icon Kate Moss ignited when she wore-and was pictured in- the  --- Charcoal grey Snowy Owl pom- pom trimmed boots-pictured above.

Louis Gong-LG Gatherer Mukluk-in mid and tall options-with Tipi Vibram® outsole....

hand beaded

Founded in 1997-the collection features mukluks with 100% genuine sheepskin footbeds and outsoles of Vibram®'s rubber that holds up to cold and urban streets...

crepe soles
 Our favs-the Storyboots-replicas of Manitobah Mukluks' commissioned original handcrafted footwear dubbed the Storybook Project" ---that employs elders and artisans who fashion mukluks and moccasin in the traditional ways.

 The artisan collection with hand beaded details-is inspired by the patterns of the traditionally rich craft culture of Native Canadian Aboriginals.

up top-the Burton Snowboard boot...below Storyboots-hand beaded/crafted in Canada

Annie McKay Mukluks-limited edition-individually numbered

accessories-deerskin fringe bag--has matching purses

 stitched Classic moccasin-

Vibram® outsole

cozy sheepskin lined slippers---with beaded trims come in kids sizes too. 2nd from top, made in Canada-Kanada Moccasin in chocolate suede---a best seller

super warm mittens...longer gauntlet styles also available

Spring footwear-pretty colors...front Harvester Suede Moccasin, Harvester Grain Moccasin, Sunshine Moccasin, Paddle Moccasin...Left -Center

outsoles of Vibram®-Turtle design make this investment last!

Love this-Turtle Vibram® sole-whole circle connects the life energy...bottom imprint= legends speak of Turtle Island-a land created when a clump of soil on Turtle's shell grew into what we now call North America---Turtle's back markings-represent the moon cycles
A great design detail-each Vibram® sole is molded to feature one of two Aboriginal stories-the "Tipi" and the "Turtle" designed by Cree artisan, Heather Steppler.

FYI: Manitobah means "Great Spirit"

Via the "Walk With Us" Project-Manitobah Mukluks offers consumers the opportunity to donate $1 from their purchase to the non-profit Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development.