Monday, July 1, 2013


"Where Beauty Meets Business"
"Brand Conception to Activation"

Javits Convention Center/NYC

AND all about the packaging...

Royal Labs has its own line of beauty/skin+body care products-in distinct packaging makes products/manufactures for other brands 
How about the gazillions of cosmetic/beauty products conjured up by individuals/companies---where do these transforming ingredients really come from-are they worth the price...

AND about all the claims for anti-aging goodies-who really conducts those tests---

What is the deal with all these private label/contract manufacturing companies---as in we can all just go out and make-up our own make-up line...or skin care line. Just sign a contract somewhere.

Yes, there are tradeshows for everything-and after attending the HBA Global Expo---our brains cells were charged with a slew of new info...and our arms filled with trade magazines that offered up a bunch of answers to the prior questions.

This show in particular-offers up aisles of exhibitors showing off the latest in packaging know how-including stuff we never really thought about-like unique closures and applicator tops, dual chamber tubes to combine ingredients that don't mix well- just prior to application, blister packs, ultra sonic sealing of packages to maintain purity and deliverability,  3D graphics/printing on tubes/bottles, crimps on metal tubes, facilities with the a-OK to manufacture USDA organic products...

we loved the packaging of deep steep collection of personal products...
and things we do think about--environmental responsibilities of companies (we hope)- efforts to use less of energy/fresh water, Fair Trade worthy, ethical sourcing of materials, sustainably (like the pioneering visionary Anita Roddick-The Body Shop founder) or growing one's own according to organic values (Intelligent Nutrients and sun-care line Elemental Herbs)... and composing packaging/container from recycled products, printed with vegetable dye inks... that are themselves recyclable-which we learned-most makeup packaging made from plastic are not!!!! C'mon...already.

Here's to refillable palettes...

WHAT ELSE:  eye-catching design that educates-entices the consumer-including limited editions and exclusive packaging (think designer Alber Elbaz's flirty package designs (and products) for giant Lancome make-up)... and marketing wise- brand consistent good looks that serve to up a label's ante convey a positive/enticing it the company's heritage, key benefits/ingredients of a product...and for beauty FOR SURE-the benefits and active ingredients---all on the packaging!

elegant and 'simple'-what we wold expect from a luxury or prestige brand...
And making it snazzy, fun, elegant or clean-depending on the message.

novelty bottles and containers...including incredibly inventive shapes, designs and materials...especially for fragrances...Genius! Reminds us of why Avon perfume bottles are collectibles.
This is so important. We recently went to a NYC office soiree --- where a noted plastic surgeon had few sku's with own name-brand labels-  for sale---priced waaay above mass merchant levels.

stunning-diffusers are gorgeous-by Puzhen Life

IMO ---he most likely hired/worked with one of the more scientifically smart private label companies- to make his skincare line-it didn't mean that the products were not effective.

But the packaging was worse than anything we've seen in years (decades, even)-super cheap looking, plain plastic with plain ole' labels stuck on. YIKES.

battery or via electirc cord
A mistake. Better to lose a $2-$3 margin price---and glam up the packaging to make it look like the prestige product it's supposed to be.

Big believers in how scent/aromatherapy can calm/relieve stress...Puzhen Life---diffusers are very popular in Asia

Hmmmm...maybe he should go to this show.

As far as raw materials/ingredients go---there are other trade shows for that but we found a few exhibitors here who do their own scientific research and have many cutting edge (and sometimes patented)  active ingredients (and research documents to support the claims).

essential oil diffusers make a statement when packaged as such
Curiously for us...there were magazine containing precise recipes and instructions---of exact formulations for skincare or hair care products ---including what companies to source for raw materials---and how to combine them for products. Like baking a cake in a way...

It really made us think about all the beauty and hair care products on the market-just how unique are some (and some ARE NOT)---Sometimes it is just the packaging...

Pantone® is a go to color whiz of a forecasting firm for a host of industries---including fashion, footwear, performance wear/gear---and beauty.
literally-buckets of color tabs...
yes, your perfect skin tone match is a Pantone® find. Incredibly-there are 110!!!!!!!!! skin tone colors--Pantone® we heard that number is due to jump to 180No wonder cosmetics brands ---especially those aimed at Americans who are ethnic blends...and other markets like the booming South American, African, Asian and Sub Asian markets.
Also we learned that unique ingredients/formulations made up by research labs (and sometimes patented)---are bought up to use- by even the bigger companies who have their own R+D departments---but mixed in with that company's own proprietary know how---to conjure up a product...with active ingredients with proven efficacy.

Something today's smart consumers ---expect no matter if from an inexpensive brand or a 'luxury' product.

unlike metallic tubes of y'ore...these graphics won't wear off with use
Viva Healthcare Packaging

Recycle this-injection molded tube w/ injected label 

Dual Chamber tubes...

bold graphic prints...on tubes!
Many attendees attend for the seminars that are engaging panels expertly led by leading industry people, educators, think-tank types---fitting as it takes place in NYC.

We sat in on this terrific session -hosted by leading beauty consultant, Wendy Lewis ---on social media and building one's brand. And we're all brands-in a way.
Other seminars focused on Skin Care trends, Natural & Sustainable--- innovative, earth -friendly ingredients, digital marketing/commerce/analytics, the impact of packaging at the retail level and online, and strategy sessions for breaking into the mass retail markets...and once there---an enlightening session included Strategies to Revitalizing Your Brand As You Grow-with experts from Elizabeth Arden and Dr. Dennis Gross (with his own massive skincare line still selling amazingly well)...

new formulas and active ingredients-ready for use...many - we noted - delivered -courtesy of Mother Nature---and Marine sourced too-algaes...
There were so many panels-we could have spent the entire time just listening and learning. And no doubt, people do.

INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS SHOWCASE---with the finalists in several categories. Interesting for us-who did the nominating ---including pr firms, the product companies themselves..and the packaging companies too...hey -why not.