Thursday, May 23, 2013

National Military Appreciation Month+Faces Of Honor Program

As Memorial Day approaches...marking the end of May's National Military Appreciation Month ( JUST learned about The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) --- FACES OF HONOR program, providing pro bono medical and facial surgical care to veterans and active duty members injured in the line of duty. 

It is estimated that 20 percent of survivable injuries suffered in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts involve the face and neck...and as learned at a recent  Wounded Warrior Project benefit...we know  how visible scars---once treated-go a looong way to helping veterans regain control of their lives and not feel so alone. 



The AAFPRS helps find Board Certified/specialized surgeons who give free facial reconstructive surgery to qualified injured veterans. These facial plastic surgeons, from a membership totaling 2700 physicians--- located from coast to coast--- help complement existing medical care that Veterans Affairs (VA) and military facilities provide.

The FACES of HONOR program wants to support more soldiers, making it known that AAFPRS surgeons will operate and repair disfiguring facial and neck injuries.

“The FACES of HONOR program was created to show our unwavering support for those who protect America and other countries,” said AAFPRS President, Robert Kellman, MD.  “We recruit volunteer facial plastic surgeons to offer their knowledge and services to injured war veterans. Our soldiers have inspired us to take action, and through FACES of HONOR, the AAFPRS will provide the expertise and compassion of our surgeon members to these brave men and women of our military.”


Antonio Tysor of Fort Hood, TX was injured on June 13, 2010 in Afghanistan by an IED explosion. He was left with burns and scars on the whole right side of his body, and has endured eight surgeries over three years. He needed reconstructive surgery on his jawbone, mandible on right side of face, eardrum and arm; three eye surgeries; and scar revisions on his face and neck. AAFPRS member Dr. Andrew Jacono-one of our fav NY area plastic surgeons--- was part of the surgical team. BRAVO!

To learn more about the humanitarian efforts of the AAFPRS, including the FACES of HONOR Program, and Antonio’s story, visit