Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birki's Outdoor Trekking + Slip-Ons Footwear Fall 2013

Outdoor Retailer/SLC

New Styles with Dynamic Footbed + Five Layer Footbed=Active Recovery System™

Montserrat -Mesh/Suede uppers-hiker kind of lacing-part of the Outdoor Trekking Collection $144.95
Truth be told, sometimes we're not recovery from anything more than sharing airspace with a few grouchy subway commuters  who like to 'share' their moods---so with a broad take on recovery, we think the new Fall 2013 Birki's with modern uppers in assorted textures...very appropriate to wear, often.

on left-Kay-mesh upper-$124.95 with Birko-Flor lining on the upper for breathable comfort-both styles-Men/Women
We get though that with its 5 layer cork footbed, plus styles with the Dynamic Footbed that consists of  a protective midsole layer of viscoselastic "memory foam" for maximum shock absorption, pressure distribution, and stability---Birki's are popular with the outdoor enthusiasts and athletes-both pro and amateur.

Serious comfort is always in demand --and yes, we stand up so much straighter when we have on a pair---as the neutral footbed assures proper alignment too...beginning with a deep heel cup-to an arch support-to toe grip.

grippy outsoles-more durable than an average clog

All styles are easy on off...imo-

The SAILOR for Men/Women

suede upper-casual 3/4 shoe, matching laces, and a cream color EVA outsole for grip+traction $144.95

outsole-patterned EVA-durable and practical

Classic Skipper-gets a cold weather take with a textile plaid upper combined with solid Birkibuc (a Birki's equivalent of Nubuc) -with Dynamic Footbed $144.95

Skipper-uppers in suede-with Dynamic Footbed $144.95

Grippy outsole EVA

Some Skipper styles have a Soft Base midsole-a second layer of cushioning EVA between the footbed and sole that helps neutralize impact of walking on hard surfaces.

Pretty-the Felt Provence -cozy with a soft Birko-flor felt upper $99.95

Swingin' 60's or something like that-very fun the Pop Art Faces Birko-flor upper on a Classic Skipper (right)-w/ Dynamic Footbed $144.95 and Kay Pop Art Faces (left) $119.95

kinda groovy-Classic Skipper 

3 seasons wearable-these Holiday delivery Tofino Flowers (Birko-flor)-have changeable flower detail CUTE and also in kids. $94.95

DISNEY styles...
Provence-Mickey in black or red 100% wool $129.95

Minnie Flower Birko-flor in light blue for Kids L-R... Dorian ($79.95-also in women's) Tuvalu ($74.95) + Aruba ($69.95) 

Woody-Big Mickey $79.95

USA USA USA!!! Haiti Stars&Stripes $79.95
We loved these get ready for the World Cup Styles-retro-country flags. Olé-Olé. So we guess that means U.S.A. qualifies!
L-R-Kay Stars & Stripes 2 $119.95, Haiti-in Union Jack $79.95

Men's-Kay Pirates-Birki-flor upper- $109.95

Men's-Kay Birki-flor upper Skull $109.95
INFO: Starts shipping 8/13