Wednesday, May 1, 2013


International Beauty Show NYC/Javits Center

Remember how Black Friday/Cyber Monday- brought out the frenzy of the motivated looking to score deals.

Not that the annual International Beauty Show...a tradeshow and educational event- had attendees knocking over the 'competition' to snag some of the specially priced goodies from the 500+ exhibitors...but since we first started covering this show---it has grown in attendance---by a lot.

And we were there on a Monday---that was jammed pack from the get go---particularly in the main area where most of the hair/nail/salon exhibitors were located.

SHE® by SO Cap --a lucky volunteer!
TRENDS: For hair ---argan oil and Keratin straightening treatments and haircare products are still popular-but there is a noticeable uptick in hair extension products---both realistic looking (shade wise) real human hair tresses---to the bold tinged, clearly fake locks...of all lengths.

Sponsor SHE® by SO.CAP.USA---had the most extensive collection of ready to go 100% natural hair extensions---probably anywhere at this show -and beyond.

Curly, wavy straight, fine, "ethnic"---solid true to life and fantasy colors or Shatush aka ombre effect (where the hair is lighter at the ends and darker tones at the root)---available as Keratin tip  hair extensions, wefts and clip-ins, including!

Almost instant Gone With The Wind Fabulous---as the saying goes---for those wanting to make a statement- or  to subtly thicken, lengthen or correct imperfections.

SHE® also makes the attachment systems and accessories that make the attachments attach...obvi-plus hair care too.

MEHRON...consumer, theater, movie makeup-has staying power

ARROJO NYC Hair....demo's, products...

Arrojo =LOVE this cut!!!!!!

Trends for Nails-gels and regular nail polish-in every shade known to planet earth and beyond-plus Nail Art---very popular. We couldn't get near consumer fav Essie's exhibit---and though print reads seem to be pushing a "simpler" nail color---for the upcoming seasons---au contraire---we think the nail bed as a platform for artistic expression-is gonna stick around.

Yup---CND Shellac™ is pretty cool-colorwise and with a removable gel system that's very are gel mani/pedis.

But the new Brisa™ Lite -an advanced IPN based gel with cross-linking oligomer molecules that lock together like chain mail--- make nail beds recovery- post gel-a thing of the past imo.

WHY: cause the nail technician doesn't have to file down the nail bed before applying the gel!

We had two nails done in a clear color... after the manicurist tidied up our paws via shaping/cuticle push backs--- (granted, pretty raggedy)... she used CND ScrubFresh™ to remove any residue from the Solar Oil...then applied a Brisa™ Lite Removable Base Coat-(10 seconds of curing--- put fingertips under UV light w/ rest of our hand slathered in sunscreen, fyi)-followed by one coat of the Brisa™ Lite Smoothing Gel -for two minutes of curing- (we were chit chatting so time breezed right on by).

There's also a Sculpting Gel for instant length and shape too...both followed by a Brisa™ Lite top coat (another two minutes of curing). PDQ altogether.

BONUS: Easy-Off-no about 15 minutes for Smoothing Gel (we tried too-with one of those aluminum pouch things wrapped around one works)...30 minutes for the Sculpting Gel.

Available: CND Salon Services--worldwide
getting glam requires some time using these bee hive hair dryers


makeup tools by the dozens...including non-latex sponges

One of our favs---cult store ALCONE-showed some niche brands....including Embryolisse's series of skincare products-that we see all over backstage during NY Fashion Week. "Straight" and "Face-Altering" makeup...a specialty.

Lots of products debut at this show---including mineral based,  MOTIVES FOR LA LA's Muse Palette, and Lip Shine-and yup that latter part IS in ref to La La Anthony-an extension of Motives by Loren Ridinger
A separate, less musically inclined section of Javits---contained several aisles of high end and accessibly priced skin care lines---

our fav facial sunscreen -TIZO... now in a foam, easy to apply

Revitalash---back in court, as we learned---but out with a new line called NOURÍCHE for lengthy, conditioned eyelashes etc.
The IBS Show is temporary---but for lucky New Yorkers (or visitors)...the luxury OSSWALD BOUTIQUE in SOHO - a jewel of a retail establishment---sources some of Europe's most scientific and family-owned skincare lines (and scents)...many unique to the USA-available only HERE. A transporting experience-as soon as one walks through the glass doors into this airy, light-filled establishment.

Lucky us, we got to experience the Swiss line of cellular skincare by VALMONT---at a recent VIP event-which offered a relaxing facial treatment with purchase.  PURE Valmont is exclusively used many luxurious Spas that we can only dream about spending quality time.
Hydration, wrinkles (or lack there-of) measured by handheld device with a special tip-results on the flat screen 

WHAT: Valmont---offers rather extensive collections of targeted anti-aging products (including specific toners, cleansers, serums, eye creams, masks etc) that address the needs of different ages and skin types.

Helping to determine what to use for our customized facial-the hand held mouse with a specialized tip-was pin-pointed on various parts of our face- by a well- trained and gifted Valmont aesthetician. The results-displayed on the flat screen- magnifying/ analyzing our skin type (by age group)---in graphs that aided in determined whether maintenance or a boost was needed for different parts of the face and neck. The optimal treatment---and follow-up skincare regimen is thus determined---which is very helpful-given the vast number of Valmont's offerings.

Hair Care collection-for thinning, dry tresses...and daily maintenance

Generally speaking, Valmont's results driven series of products address the lack of hydration of the skin, the slowing of cellular renewal (for even tone and radiance), and the appearance of wrinkles...with different gels, creams, serums...that all share active molecules-including rather scientifically based ones---that are effectively delivered deep into the skin---containing proteins, lipids, glucides, bio-mimetic peptides that activate something called TGF (Transforming Growth Factor)-that stimulates skin's fibroblasts and collagen for visibly firmer skin---plus glacier spring water-for natural hydration, and Alpine botanicals-grown in the company's own gardens in the Swiss Alps.

The gold/black packaged group contains the top-of-the-line Elixir des Glaciers collection-pure luxury for firm, smooth skin...lower shelf is the Glacier Water based Valmont collection-includes products for Energy, Radiance and Glow, Hydration and Spirit of Purity

A personalized Beauty Prescription---based on the aforementioned analysis -for us, served up a series of product suggestions from different Valmont categories---to cleanse (Purification), moisturize (Hydration), stimulate and anti-aging prevention (Energy), and that glow (Radiance). 

No worries though, if like us...morning/afternoon skincare takes all of two We think two key products, targeted for specific areas---ie-under eye cream for expression lines, and overall anti-aging serum or cream-is an ideal way for first time users, to test drive Valmont.

And visitors will note immediately---the Osswald Boutique-employs exceptionally welcoming and polite individuals-who are beyond knowledgeable...and trained to the Nth degree about every single item available in this lovely 1000 sq foot space.

Bonus points-Valmont's packaging...we are always---let's say. less than thrilled about cosmetics housed in  plastic containers-especially those made from hard plastic #7 ---as we wonder whether substances used to line some cosmetic containers---meaning BPA--- leaches into the contents---Valmont's are housed in specialty liners that ensure purity---so we were told. FYI: A reason for glass bottles.

TIP: Eye creme -in our case the quickly absorbed Firming Lifting Corrector Eye Factor II-one only needs a dime size drop for each area---pat in from the outer to inner corner underneath eyes...then lightly use index finger in a smoothing motion ---from inner to outer corner---to aid the lymphatic drainage -meaning puffiness be gone!