Thursday, May 2, 2013


Roman and Sunstone are a multi-label company offering casual to glam jewelry for everyday and special occasions 

Roman and Sunstone Showroom, NYC

Although flowers, gift cards and a meal are usually on the top three list for Mother's Day gifts...a more personal approach---equally as affordable-is to go the accessories route---selecting something that matches the personality and taste of the celebrated woman in one's life.

At a recent media event, hosted by the Accessories Council Prez- Karen Giberson and stylist, Alison Lang...we got to get up close and personal with a variety of on trend companies and their offerings- and individuals who hand craft items---in a relaxed setting (aided by OGIO wines' refreshing Processco-thanks!).


pearls with pops of neon color-by John Wind Maximal Art- takes a classic jewelry piece and adds pizazz.
also by John Wind Maximal Art-personalize some chunky chain bling with initial charms- inspirational word on reverse. BTW bonus points for this company being a member of the Accessories Council MADE IN USA initiative
Alison Lang

fashion watches are a big trend-an affordable functional piece

Swarovski crystals make this Armitron 3689 Series watch sparkle for day/night occasions

Love this hat-BCBG Generation Striped Fedora-unisex+dapper=right amount of swagger for a little swag

An armful of arm candy-including MCM Armour Double Bracelet-w/ elegant/ edgy tiny gold studs

MCM-luxury handbags are very popular---accessories too! (our Fall 2013 preview)

on left-Bishop Aprons leading light- Made In North Carolina-personalized Aprons/Chef hats...beautiful fabric options and available in all sizes. Very clever...even for non-cooks

snap on glam---hand painted, Swarovski crystal laden leather cuff bracelets by Carolina Rocha -many color/pattern options available  

Twitter feed...#ACTopPicks

recycled/recyclable cardboard packaging

ALL ABOUT THE ECO---like those chic ToyWatches but made from biodegradable corn resin!!! Sprout timepieces range $45-$80

FUN FUN FUN---catchy graphics, bold colors-water tough protection for electronics...sized just right too for sand free enjoyment.

Echo Geo Circles Plastic Beach Set

From one of America's top hats/footwear/bags designer, Eric Javits-this chic chain Squishee® handbag-featuring a pretty coral starfish detail on turnlock closure---is made from a travel friendly, packable sun protective textile ---for maximum UVA/UVB rays blocking power 

Fragrances -always a welcome gift---

Francesca's Collection- Tuileries Eau de Pafum-sweet glass bottle with-fresh, light floral scent with top notes of citrus/apple--vegan and cruelty free $28-from a company with 350 boutiques across 45 states!

For one lucky mom...or a self gift-hey, hey---luxury python without the ornate hardwear or bling bling- Turkish Delight clutch by Jilly NewYork's Jill Haber 

Jill Haber-holding her discreet luxurious clutch-for everyday or Red Carpet