Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WARNER'S Unbelievable Unwire™ GENIUS LAUNCH

It's official.

This is the most comfortable and kinda sexy, even (boyfriend tested)...but really comfortable WOW is right, great fitting support as good as an underwire (ish) bra we ever put on.

Warner's-in the biz of undercover things... aka intimate apparel- since 1874---spent a few years developing this wash it, twist it,  squish it in your luggage-no problem, the 'wire' (really a composite material) never pokes through...then wear it---an always in shape bra ---in fun colors/prints... as well as the basics!

At a media preview we got to try one on---and sure, it fit and was comfortable out of the box---and yes, very unwire for a composite material 'wired' one...that kind of support.

But when we got a personal sample--- to wear all day...and we did ---we forgot we had anything on...and this basically never happens, ever.

We demo thousands of dollars worth of performance wear and gear ---all the time---but the underpinnings of our attire, (the bra part)---the kind we can wear all day/night---and move around in-is never as comfortable as we would like. Till now. Bravo.

BONUS POINTS: Warner bras are consistently sized. Meaning-if you know your size---you can buy and wear the same size across their various collections. Something we are sure they work really hard on...and a bonus for online shoppers.

Warner's Unbelievable Unwire™ $38