Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Hair Trends 2013-Angelo David

Angelo David Salon
48 East 43rd St/Manhattan

Even a confirmed drip/dry sort (us) needs a New Year's refresher 'do...and a recent Saturday yielded up a great glossy shine for our long, now revived tresses, and miraculously, seriously---nails shaped by Marijanne (aka the Miracle Worker)--- in a lengthening, flattering almond-like profile---painted in such a pretty red (Essie's Fifth Avenue) that we actually got compliments on our talons for the first time---probably since we were born and they were counted.

All the aforementioned achieved at the discreet midtown location of Angelo David Salon---a second story, unfussy and calm even when full, all services salon...

It is easy to relax here---even when quaffing down a caffeine fueled beverage, graciously proffered like the second one walks in...which is one of the reasons we saw a chair occupied by a guy getting a trim...and, imo the kind of man that would step a well shod foot into a glammy salon with a  nightclub kind of atmosphere.

Angelo David's claim to fame= his undetectable exclusive 'real' Couture Hair Extensions' "system" or custom dyed hair pieces---applied to customers' noggins- in a bank of spacious private rooms if desired.

A realistic looking set of locks...for those wanting more thickness (fillers), length, bangs---or just wanting hair- if lack of it is that extensive. The hair /extensions/pieces are custom dyed-even to a handsome salt and pepper for a male salon employee (undetectable, we were told afterwards it was not 'real)' too also...and cut, styled and then attached according to what's appropriate given the amount of hair that's there to begin with.

How transformative this process is...we gave a glimpse when a Real Housewife sort was finished---not that the discreet staff said anything, we just happen to share our exit time...and admired her long lengthy tresses...and she shared.

But really what was so amazing was the follicle overhaul of a professorial looking older woman seated next to us- at one point. She was meaningfully thinned out, hair-wise- on top...enough to make us thank our lucky stars...but lo and behold, her "other hair"...expertly dyed in a realistically looking, kissed by the sun, warm blonde highlights and lowlights combo ...was laid out in a looong row before her...and about an hour and a half later her grey roots touched up-the extensions applied...she looked a gazillion times better and about 15 years younger. Easy. And def. not that type of gal to wear anything more than maybe a dab of lipstick...but let's face it, self esteem can't be priced. So bravo.

As for the other salon services, we can vouch for the skill level-high....and they actually listen to what their customers want-too. Always a good trait.

We had an informative chat about hair color in general...with senior colorist/style smart guy Ivan--- and his take on how a busy gal on a budget-might "approach" hair color. His advice-a once a year expensive color job is mandatory for great hair color---one cannot skimp on this- particularly in a pricey city like NYC...and for blondes, we are talking highlights and lowlights (darker tones underneath) for depth and for winter ---on the east coast that means warm honey tones. For brunettes-it's usually either more reddish (caramel -milk chocolate tones-as in Jennifer Lopez fab hair) or more purple based- espresso-dark chocolate tones.

Then 2-3 times a year-briefer, refresher appointments are needed.  This is not ridiculous---and sound advice-unlike some color gurus we read about who think that women just even have the time for a monthly or every 6 week sit-down in a salon chair.

Other hair color trends for Spring 2013-not new but maybe not so in your face---meaning hair tips a lighter light shade, and gradually getting there- from about mid-head on ---not so ombré...more like sun-kissed hair that would get that way naturally if one sat outside on some beach somewhere for half the day, for three months---with a hat on that covered the top part.

It should be noted though-we saw a gal with long straight hair with dark dark roots---but a solid platinum everything else on that head...and we saw her leave with that same solid platinum shade complete. Rocker ready we thought---and very cool.


J. Ecochard