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Pamela Roland, Misha Nonoo, Rita Vinieris Fall 2013 Gowns and Daywear: Sneak Peak

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Drama and elegance, courtesy of Russia-St. Petersburg, in particular---inspires evening gown designer and Hollywood celeb fav Red Carpet go-to fashion source,  Pamela Roland...who enchants with these sneak peak sketches that offer a romantic glimpse of her upcoming Fall 2013 runway show....(above....and below).
That slice of Europe also serves as inspiration for Misha Nonoo's collection---in particular "War and Peace"...featuring close with military influences....or to quote the press release:

“Think Edie Campbell takes a weekend trip to Russia to visit descendants of the Russian Romanov’s for a carefree weekend filled with Fabergé egg hunts and caviar. ”


Rita Vinieris sweeping elegant gowns are inspired by the iconic American architect Louis Kahn...a master of 20th century Modernism.

WARNER'S Unbelievable Unwire™ GENIUS LAUNCH

It's official.

This is the most comfortable and kinda sexy, even (boyfriend tested)...but really comfortableWOW is right, great fitting support as good as an underwire (ish) bra we ever put on.

Warner's-in the biz of undercover things... aka intimate apparel- since 1874---spent a few years developing this wash it, twist it,  squish it in your luggage-no problem, the 'wire' (really a composite material) never pokes through...then wear it---an always in shape bra ---in fun colors/prints... as well as the basics!

At a media preview we got to try one on---and sure, it fit and was comfortable out of the box---and yes, very unwire for a composite material 'wired' one...that kind of support.

But when we got a personal sample--- to wear all day...and we did ---we forgot we had anything on...and this basically never happens, ever.

We demo thousands of dollars worth of performance wear and gear ---all the time---but the underpinnings of our attire, (the bra part)---the k…


The Coolest Things We Saw At Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow Fall 2013-Part 1
Words/Tradeshow images Judith Ecochard
Okay, in fairness we did not see everything offered by the 3000+ exhibitors at the most recent Outdoor Retailer tradeshow -that just wrapped up in SLC...BUT...

What we 'dubbed" the coolest---isn't for sale as apparel, footwear or gear---but a patented "...interactive showroom sales table"for Terramar Sports-encased inside clever warming stations...

...that's a giant flatscreen Samsung touch sensitive device-embedded with software that allows users to get off their feet,  have a seat, ...and get the Terramar Sports product info, and follow-up actions in like a New York minute...via a special code on the hangtag of a particular item. With the functionalities of an iPad---meaning can move around screen things at will, change images up depending, etc.

Which is appropriate since New Yorker Jeff Danzer/President of BrandAxion-in cahoots with After-mouse-…

New Balance 574 Windbreakers: Fresh Kicks for Spring 2013

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Retro style circa the 1980's-90's with bold neon colors---in homage to fashion company's like K-Way ®, with its super trendy nylon jackets - aka-the "windbreaker".
New Balance took this as an opportunity to pay homage to the windbreaker---in a series of powerfully toned sneakers that'll stop breathable nylon fabric upper, contrasting top laces and a reflective heel.


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Berlin Fashion Week is a creative and jam packed collection of trade shows, presentations and runway shows---that take place all over the city...

One stalwart of German design, Dorothee Schumacher showed fashion savvy designs with international appeal...for a woman much like herself, multi-tasking women...who want to looked pulled together, no matter the occasion.

Schumacher is one of our favorite designers---of apparel and accessories. We guess an American equivalent might be the high end offerings of Donna Karan = and for Fall/Winter 2013 that meant sumptuous, opulent fabrics-including silky satins, subtle glimmering lurex, tweeds, and

LACOSTE FOOTWEAR in Valentine's Day RED (The New Black)

Retro style -or pumped up wedge sneakers----we like the red footwear theme for Valentine's Day...and the kicks last longer than roses...and some relationships, anyway.

14.oz-Limited Edition Shoe by Italian Buttero x Denham Dutch Denim Brand

Unlike some concept/curated retail stores that get tons of publicity for their owners and the  merchandise purveyed (but little in the way of sales)----14OZ -Berlin based boutiques actually sell things that men nd women wear.

PLUS-it's the exclusive to these stores only (or just about)---that make the style conscious very happy.

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A special highlight for shoecoholics: Buttero X Denham X 14 oz. limited Denim-Edition.

In collaboration with Italian shoe manufacturer Buttero and the Dutch denim brand Denham The Jeanmaker 14 oz. Berlin presents a limited denim sneaker edition. As lowcut or highcut for women and men this sneaker associates handicraft with everything that makes blue hearts beat faster. The upper is made of 14 oz. denim by leading denim weaver Candiani. A removable leather sole guarantees highest comfort. 

The Buttero X Denham X 14 oz. Edition is limited to 300 pairs worldwide and exclusively available at the two Denham Stores in Amsterdam, Buttero's flagship…

2013 Hair Trends 2013-Angelo David

Angelo David Salon
48 East 43rd St/Manhattan

Even a confirmed drip/dry sort (us) needs a New Year's refresher 'do...and a recent Saturday yielded up a great glossy shine for our long, now revived tresses, and miraculously, seriously---nails shaped by Marijanne (aka the Miracle Worker)--- in a lengthening, flattering almond-like profile---painted in such a pretty red (Essie's Fifth Avenue) that we actually got compliments on our talons for the first time---probably since we were born and they were counted.

All the aforementioned achieved at the discreet midtown location of Angelo David Salon---a second story, unfussy and calm even when full, all services salon...

It is easy to relax here---even when quaffing down a caffeine fueled beverage, graciously proffered like the second one walks in...which is one of the reasons we saw a chair occupied by a guy getting a trim...and, imo the kind of man that would step a well shod foot into a glammy salon with a  nightclub kind o…

NIKE'S CLASSICS: Nike Air Max 1, 90, 95 and 97 for 2013


The models Nike Air Max 1, 90, 95 and 97 are the most popular Nike designs ever. You'd have to blindfold walk through the cities of the world, not somewhere to discover one of these styles on the streets. Therefore, it's understandable that the Nike designers were faced with a difficult task when it came to interpret the new cult sneaker. How miss the classics a new statement, without negating their timeless, unique style. 

Nike presents Engineered Mesh: The new, patented mesh design (close-coarse mesh or perforated) makes the Air Max range still functional, while retaining  the good looks of the original models. 

Originally designed for the performance running area when initially developed,  the mesh allows for variable Perforation construction in different "zones" with different functionalities---resulting in a  denser fabric for support and stability, but also still super breathable. 

The result is a more airy and more resistant Air Max family - lighte…