Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LINDA LAUREN "HOSTAGE IN TIME" Historical Novel by 4th Generation Psychic/Medium

Mountainside, NJ./NYC

Depending on who the conversation is with...we are sometimes surprised, but of course, should not be...on the openness of people---from all walks of life---people we chit-chat with...who def. embrace the psychic world---acknowledging the gift---or the awareness that certain people have -with regards to heightened intuition, ability to heal/feel energies, and sometimes, also- a connection to those who have passed.

That was a long sentence...but the point being, there's a lot of more than just a different kind of passing---a passing interest 'in this' by a wide swath of humans.

Including us.

We had a very lively... chit-chat with the acclaimed Linda Lauren---an affable, New Jersey based psychic/medium/healer...and now- author of a time travel novel, "Hostage In Time" about a young photo-journalist, Amanda Lloyd, who goes "down the rabbit hole" back to the 19th century...while on assignment, filming the historic Serenity House...the home of Thomas Edison's patent attorney, Jonathan Brisbane (fictional, fyi).

Do you identify with your main character, Amanda Lloyd..and if so, how?

"I'm interested in photography myself, so I can highly identify with her. "

"She (Lloyd) is highly intuitive ...and is at a turning point in her life, wanting more...when she winds up on the prohibited third floor (of Serenity House)..." -and so begins her journey and relationships with Mr. Brisbane who at first, mistakes her for a spy.

How did you select Thomas Edison---and that 19th century time period?

I was drawn to Thomas Edison because he did work with energy... (electricity, after all)...and I am from West Orange.

FYI the inventor's well preserved and rather stately resident/laboratory Glenmont, now a national historic park---is located and open to the public--- and is it's own step back in time.

What do you hope readers get from this novel?

"It is important to remember that history...and I hope what readers get from "Hostage In Time"--- besides enjoyment, is an awareness that we have other time periods...we didn't just get hatched...there is a bigger whole...and it's important that people connect, allow themselves to be respectful of history and their surroundings."

"People have gone away from caring about history...but history has to be preserved as is important to remember one's roots and help others..."

"One must have faith and hope---but do something about it too..."

Which we reminded us of Joni Mitchell's "Paved Paradise"...and all the current land use tug-of-wars going on today in/near the battlefield in Manassas- northern VA...or as Lauren pointed out... the proposed development of Gettysburgh, PA. And of course...the World Trade Center site...


"Everything touches everything there is light heartedness too...swinging things back and forth in time has been fun...(meaning taking a modern day object into the past).

Is writing a novel similar to giving a reading for someone?

"Yes...when you are writing -you are channeling energy-expressing your opinions and information in all different ways, letting your characters speak, letting them take over the book."

"A layout of a scene is very visual...I am seeing the room and feeling what my characters are feeling and a spiritualist ---meaning- I am able to pick up the different aspects of each person to feel like I was there."

You are a fourth generation psychic/medium...did your family acknowledge their gifts?

"Both sides of my family were able to guide people in terms of counsel....with my father's mother fully embracing it...each one (ancestors)-- each had one gift--- I feel like I embraced everything."

"I saw colors as a kid- it was part of growing up ...with my mother helping me learn how to interpret it. It was championed."

"In high school, I did readings for my teachers...and at my 30th high school reunion...a guy remembered me-and he was a radio producer...(series of fortunate events later)...led to a stint on Mickey Dolenz ' old CBS FM (101.1) radio show.

How is it possible to give a reading over the phone...electronically?

It's actually easy to tap into the energy of someone...I do a ton of Skyping...and meet many international  clients on Second Life (a virtual world).

"Energy is wild...I can feel that person..."

Other topics discussed included Linda Lauren's strong code of ethics...

"I don't talk about other clients by name and I have a problem with many of the psychics on television ---who are not  helping anyone. You can have a career and help people...I feel very strongly about that."


"People do come in (for readings) with exact questions....but also to hear what comes through..."as Lauren is also a what we would call a true hands on healer (Reiki) and life coach/teacher.

And of course we asked what she felt with us (we chatted with her via our cell phone).

"You are tired...I see yellow ---related to stomach distress issues..." FYI wow---we were dog tired from NY Fashion Week and battling off a mild flu for days!!!!!  Plus, as mentioned, the conversation was chirpy-not giving away any clue that we were less than our usual high energy selves.

"...and in what you are writing now will lead to something else." (Interesting...)

Naturally, we took her advice to surround ourselves with yellow (i.e. citrine gemstones, burn a yellow candle)...which we did by wearing a bright yellow race tee and raincoat -around town as we had stuff to do...and low and behold...a few hours later, we felt totally revived.

And it wasn't the weather...and maybe the flu had run its course...BUT...


"Hostage in Time" is available on Amazon/Kindle, Barnes and Noble/Nook etc...all available via this handy link on Linda Lauren's site.